How do I decide whether to choose a metal pole or a wooden curtain pole?

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There’s nothing more satisfying than ripping down old, sub-standard or broken curtain fixtures and replacing them with a luxurious new curtain pole. So if you’re putting up fabulous new made to measure curtains or even ready-made curtains, then you don’t want to end up with curtain poles and tracks that don’t do them justice or do the job! Using the right curtain pole for your window treatment will not only give your new curtains the very best performance, but a stylish and eye catching edge too.

Silver Eyelet Curtain Pole

Sometimes choosing between a metal curtain pole and a wooden curtain pole is purely a matter of personal preference or what you think will look best for the room in question. You may already have a set idea in your mind of the look you are trying to achieve at your window and therefore the type of curtain pole that you want. Often people match their choice of curtain pole to their decor or other fitments.

For example, if you have chrome light fittings or door handles in the room concerned, then a metal curtain pole with a shiny chrome finish would match perfectly. If the setting is more traditional or has a more country or cottage -style feel to it, then maybe wooden curtain poles with an oak or pine finish would be more suitable to the decor. Curtain poles with modern paint finishes such as gloss white or an antiqued crackled paint finish can add character and style to a window treatment too, so colour or period style can also be a consideration when choosing your curtain pole.

Hanging Pencil Pleat Curtains

Sometimes however, it is simply practical considerations that can dictate the choice of either a metal or a wooden curtain pole. You will need to consider such things as suitability and durability for the weight of the proposed curtains, the size limitations of the space available for the curtain pole fittings, or simply just the type of curtain heading you intend to use.

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