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I want to know everything about .......Metal curtain poles

Every window is different and choosing the right metal curtain poles to suit your needs, the space available, your choice of curtains and the surrounding decor can be complicated – particularly if you’ve never had to purchase one before. So whether you’re purchasing your first ever metal curtain pole and don’t know where to start, or replacing existing ones for a freshen up to simply change the colour or style of your existing curtain poles, then we’ve got everything you need to know about our extensive range of high quality metal curtain poles right here!

    Is there a good choice of colours and finishes for metal curtain poles?

    Metal curtain poles are no longer, traditionally limited to a choice of brass or black wrought-iron finishes and have undergone an extreme metal renaissance in recent years, in keeping with the trend for incorporating mixed metallic colours and textures into our interior decor. There is something to suit everyone’s taste and style in our extensive collection of metal curtain poles as we’re aware that these days choosing a metal curtain pole now has as much if not more to do with its colour and finish as it does to do with suitability for the job you want it to do.

    Three Brass Curtain Poles

    At Terry’s you can choose from an attractive selection of colours and finishes ranging from a traditional brass curtain rail, or antique brass or bright brass to satin silver, black, polished graphite, nickel, steel and satin steel poles.

    I want something more substantial than the slim metal pole I have, what thicknesses are available?

    Our metal curtain poles are available in different diameters and thicknesses to suit your needs, the available space you have to fit them in and the weight of the curtains that you are hanging. At Terry’s we carry a range of 16mm, 28mm curtain poles and a 35mm wooden curtain pole too. 16mm Metal Curtain Poles - Our 16mm diameter metal curtain poles are ideal when there is limited fitting space above a window.

    Our 16mm metal poles are slim and very discreet looking and because they are less weighty than our thicker metal poles, they don’t need overly long or robust fixing brackets, but instead tend to have very compact, neat looking brackets that need little fixing room. Slim metal curtain poles are not designed to take very heavy weight curtains either and are more suited for sheer curtains, voile panels or lightweight lined curtains.

    These small and neat but very stylish brackets are therefore more than adequate to support a 16mm metal pole and the simplicity of the bracket only adds to the streamlined attractiveness of the pole. Our 16mm metal poles come with a choice of three different slim line finial ends to again complement the compact simplicity of these narrow poles.

    Silver Eyelet Curtain Pole

    16mm metal curtain poles are not recommended for use with eyelet curtains because the compact brackets do not hold the curtain pole far enough away from the wall to accommodate the depth of the folds created by eyelet heading. 28mm Metal Curtain Poles - Our extensive range of 28mm metal curtain poles is by far and above our best selling collection of curtain poles. Excellent quality and fabulous value for money our 28mm metal poles are a reliable and stylish multi-purpose pole.

    These poles come with sturdy and adjustable cast angle brackets which provide excellent support for this thicker pole. 28mm metal poles are desirably more obvious and substantial than our thinner metal poles and therefore play a more significant and deliberately obvious part in styling your window dressing. These metal curtain poles are great all rounder’s and will cope with everything from voiles and lightweight lined curtains to medium to heavy weight curtain fabrics. 28mm metal curtain poles are also the perfect diameter poles for hanging eyelet (sometimes know as grommet or ring-top) curtains.

    Small Eyelet Curtain Pole

    35mm Metal Curtain Poles - Our 35mm diameter metal curtain poles offer all the versatility of a 28mm metal pole and will cope with heavy weight curtain fabrics such as chenille, velvet and brocade. You don’t have to be fitting heavy weight curtains to justify buying a 35mm metal pole though. 35mm metal poles simply look nice as an attractive window treatment for even the lightest of floaty curtains, as they add style, detail and interest to even the simplest of window treatments without the need for an additional pelmet or valance. 35mm metal curtain poles are only recommended for use with eyelet curtains if the curtains are to be static dress curtains only and do not need to be drawn across the pole.

    I find metal curtain poles a bit boring, can you inspire me?

    At Terry’s we’re passionate about all things to do with curtains and window dressings including our curtain poles and we may be slightly biased but we’re here to convince you that there’s nothing boring about curtain poles at all. Yes they serve a purpose and you have to take into consideration when you’re choosing one that it will do the job that you need it to do, but the limitation on your choice stops there!

    Our eclectic range of metal curtain poles covers all bases when it comes to style, size and colour choices and there’s definitely something for everybody in our vast selection. Combine the choice of colour and size with a varied and exciting range of decorative and plain finials, matching hold-backs and accessories and you’ll be hard pushed not to find something that not only suits but enhances your interior decor.

    Gold Eyelet Curtain Pole

    Some people think that a metal curtain pole alone isn’t enough to bring out detail in a room and is there just to do a mundane job. But think about co-ordinating that metal pole with other fittings in your room such as light fittings, wall lights, lamp bases, door handles, picture frames or ornaments and you’ll have the makings of a striking collection of metallic accessories that can really pull an interior scheme together.

    Another approach is to think about how to complement or contrast your interior colour scheme with your choice of metallic finish. Metal curtain poles with warm brass finishes for example will complement blush tones or warm a blue or white colour scheme. A steel, silver or chrome finish on a metal pole would make a stunning contrast against black, dark greys and deep purple shades.

    Whilst graphite or black metal curtain poles never fail to make impressive impact against crisp white or light neutrals such as beige. So the next time you’re in the market for a new metal curtain pole, make it one of the exciting accessory choices that you look forward to making for your interior makeover, rather than just a useful and necessary fixture. All you need is a little bit of imagination and a dash of creativity.

    Can metal curtain poles be cut down to size or do I need to order a custom made one?

    Our passion for fabrics and all things to do with curtains, window dressings and poles extends to our desire to create a first class buying experience for our customers too. Our years of buying experience has taught us that there’s little use in recommending the perfect stylish, high quality and best value for money metal curtain pole to you, our customer, if you are then left with fitting and installation costs that you weren’t banking on shelling out for.

    We have been careful therefore to only include products in our metal curtain poles collection that can be fully customized to size and fitted by our customers without the need for a handy man or professional curtain fitter. You simply need to measure your window and select the nearest available pole length to your required measurement and if we haven’t got your exact size then always select the next size up not down, knowing that your metal pole can be easily cut down to size. Our metal curtain poles are available in size options from 150cms right up to 400cms to make your selection quick and simple.

    Measuring Window Width

    Metal curtain poles are very easy to cut to size without the need for any specialist cutting equipment. All you need is a junior hacksaw or a plumber’s pipe cutter to make a really neat job of trimming your metal poles to size for that perfect customized look. All our metal poles come with full cutting and fitting instructions so you can choose with confidence knowing you’ll be provided with all the help and advice you need to customize it. And if you need any more advice on what to trim off your metal pole or how to fit it then take a look at our helpful guide: Curtain poles measuring guide >

    How strong are metal curtain pole brackets, will they eventually bend?

    On some very budget ranges of metal curtain pole you may find the brackets a little sub-standard and subject to wear after a while and with continued use. Whilst we aim for affordability as well as choice in our collection of metal curtain poles, to ensure that we have something to suit everyone’s budget, we pride ourselves on never compromising on quality. All our metal curtain poles come with high quality cast metal brackets that will not bend or break. It is a myth that metal curtain poles eventually fall down because the brackets are not strong enough.

    White Curtain Pole Bracket

    Nine times out of ten it is the bracket coming out of the wall that makes that happen not a problem with the bracket itself; and that is down to how good a fixing you get into your wall in the first place. It is very important to use the correct fixings for the type of wall space you are fixing into. If you get that right from the off then your curtain place will stay securely fixed and wobble free for years to come.

    How do I know how many brackets or rings to order with my metal curtain pole?

    It is very important to have the correct number of brackets to support your metal curtain pole, as once you’ve gone to the time and trouble of choosing it and then fitting it, you will want it to work well for a long time. Similarly for your curtains to hang properly you will need the correct number of curtain pole rings to be able to evenly insert the curtain hooks in your new curtains into.

    Silver Curtain Pole Bracket

    Fortunately here at Terry’s we’ve taken all the guess work out of it for you and all our metal curtain poles come as complete pole packs. In the pack you will have your pole, your choice of finials, all the necessary pole brackets that you need and the recommended number of curtain pole rings for the length of pole that you have selected. There’ll even be some wall fixings enclosed. You’ll just need to check that they are suitable for the type of wall space that you are fixing into. All you need to do is unpack it and follow the full fitting instructions enclosed with it – it’s a simple as order > unpack > fit. View Curtain Poles and Tracks.

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