A guide to cleaning roman blinds

Roman blinds are a luxurious and popular choice of blinds for the home. They are an especially popular window dressing option in living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas. If you are a proud owner of a set, you’re probably wondering how to clean roman blinds. Sometimes blinds can become forgotten about when you’re cleaning the home, but it is equally as important to clean your blinds as it is to clean your windows.

A woman cleaning mould from a wall using a sponge

Whilst they can be forgotten about, they are actually pretty easy to clean once you know what you’re doing and as long as they are stain free it is a relatively quick task which can be added into any cleaning regime. First things first, you’ll need to check whether your roman blinds can be washed; the majority of them can be but there may some limitations based on fabric and linings etc. If it is possible to remove them from their heading with ease, you can sometimes place them in the washing machine for a proper clean but not all blinds or fabrics will allow for this.

Regular Cleaning

Much like with our guide to cleaning vertical blinds, it is important to keep up to the regular cleaning of your roman blinds. This way it is less likely that you will have to deep clean them. The better you keep up to the cleaning of your roman blinds, the longer they will last and the better they will look. Regular cleaning of your blinds can be relatively simple; using a vacuum to get rid of the dust and loose dirt is the best way to keep on top of the cleaning and a good start to any deep cleaning.

Venetian blind opened using the blind cord

It is best to use the upholstery attachment in order to ensure the vacuum is gentle enough, open up the blind fully in order to vacuum it, using a downward motion throughout. Make sure to get the edges and corners of the blinds as these are the places which sit and collect the most dust. Another spot which is prone to getting excessively dusty is the top of the blinds; this can often go unnoticed, but it will no doubt collect a lot of dust over time.

Cleaning white venetian blinds with a green dusting cloth

Stain Removal

Even when you are keeping up to the regular cleaning of your blinds, accidents can always happen. It is not uncommon to get stains on your blinds but it is important to deal with as soon as possible to prevent it sticking. The first step in stain removal is using a clean, damp cloth to gently rub the stain until it lifts.

White venetian blinds being cleaned with a purple cloth

Sometimes stains which are stubborn or more deeply set can be a lot harder to remove; you can use fabric stain remover to tackle these stubborn stains but always check it is suitable for use on the material of your blinds and follow the instructions carefully. Be aware that when removing stains that the once stained area could come up cleaner than the rest of your blind.

Steam Cleaning

For some blinds, machine washing is possible with a mild detergent, this is a good option if the blinds have become extremely dirty. But, for some blinds this is not an option so the next best thing could be to steam clean them. Some materials don’t react well to water so steam could be a better option; this way they also don’t have to be removed from their header. An important thing to remember when working with steam is to be mindful that the material does not become scalded by the steam or that is doesn’t become overly damp.

Professional Cleaning

If you find you have exhausted your options for cleaning at home, it may be time to seek the help of a professional. Take a look at the label on your roman blinds to assess whether it is suitable for dry cleaning before attempting to remove your blinds from their headrail. When blinds are heavily stained, it is advisable to take them to a dry cleaner as this ensures they can be professionally cleaning and kept in a great condition. Having your blinds dry cleaned is the best way to ensure they come back perfectly cleaned and remain in excellent condition.

Hopefully the tips on how to clean roman blinds have been helpful for your cleaning needs. The general rule to take away should be that the smaller stains and regular cleaning should be taken care of at home with a vacuum and a damp cloth but leave the larger stains to the professionals to ensure a perfect clean and zero fabric damage.

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