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Yellow bedroom ideas

The most vibrant, cheery colour of the rainbow is yellow. It reminds us of sunshine and daffodils, causing us to grin from ear to ear. Such a shade ensures you start your day with a spring in your step. The beauty of a yellow bedroom is that if you do not get much light in, you can fake it with its golden hues. Yellow bedroom ideas are so magnificently versatile. The jolly, feel-good hue is so adaptable that it works well in contemporary, traditional or eclectic style bedrooms. There is a shade of yellow for everyone, whether it is sun-drenched bliss or deep, gold mellows.

A timeless pairing

Two colours that will forever have a lasting relationship are mustard yellow and blue. This duo is distinctive, fun, and gorgeous to play around with. With a pairing like this you can create a scenic bliss from tropical to coastal style bedrooms. Add pops of blue on the headboard, artwork or blinds to tie a room of this caliber together.

Go all in

For extra stimulation in the morning, splash the colour everywhere and create your own yellow dreamland. Waking up in a bright room will make you feel warm and chirpy daily. There are certainly ways to break up the shade, to stop it from becoming too overpowering. Implement vivid, yellow daises throughout the bedding and ornaments, and bring Spring to the bedroom. Adding splashes of green and white, with variations of patterns, aids in creating a knock-out design.

Mix in Mediterranean vibes

To stop yellow from becoming too overbearing, team it with hints of a gentle, terracotta tone. The paint result used as a backdrop gives the space a Mediterranean atmosphere. Couple this with funky geometric shapes, like chevron fabric and graphic prints, to keep things ultra-modern. Our Rockland Made To Measure Curtains provides zesty yellow vibes, whilst the geometry design oozes contemporary flair.

Try yellow with metallics

Implementing small metal touches, for example accent pieces with a metallic polish, can add a dash of charm to a yellow bedroom. A sparkling metal surface – especially in gold – will accompany the warm hues of the colour.

There are several ways to implement metallics into your yellow bedroom. The bed is perhaps one of the most important fittings. Opt for a metal bed frame and then look for other furnishings to complement. This can be anything from stools with metal legs or metallic detailed lamps. Add in gold cushions or silver curtains, to draw together the luxuriousness of the space.

Add warmth with wood

Wood and yellow make a killer combination. If one of your yellow bedroom ideas is to make a welcoming, comforting space, then the natural texture of wood does just that. There is an abundance of wooden furnishings on the market. Opt for a wooden bed frame, with a pine chest of drawers, or go for a wooden wardrobe. Any of these furnishings will look magnificent against a yellow backdrop. For enhanced relaxation, use the wood effect to begin developing a rustic, country ambience.

Keep it contemporary

Grey is a fashionable neutral shade, that ensues to couple well with bright yellow. This mixture oozes elegance and panache. The tone brings a muted sophistication to the boudoir, whilst yellow conveys vitality. Together they establish a sanctuary that is both electrifying and tranquil simultaneously. For the finest visual effect, paint the walls grey and implement yellow blinds or curtains , as a visual stimulant.

Yellow is an extremely fun colour to work with. It will make you smile when you wake up, and your interiors a lot more sun kissed. Whether it has always been your favourite, or you are looking for inspiration, our yellow bedroom ideas will make your decorating journey easier. Elegance can be achieved simply by combining the right shades of yellow. You can even experiment with plenty of other colours, for a knock-out pairing. This radiant hue offers endless stylings, to achieve your all-year-round, summer bedroom.

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