White Living Room Ideas for Your Home

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There is nothing quite as soothing, as the purity of a crisp white interior. Coming home to such a colour will trigger peace and tranquility after a long, hard day. If a lounge barren of colour does not interest you, there are ways to implement décor to spice up a white backdrop. White living room ideas are eternally versatile, offering themselves to both rustic and contemporary styles. Combined with plain white walls, natural materials evoke a country aesthetic. Whilst, modern furniture creates chic, timeless living areas. There are plenty of options to be inspired by when it comes to white living room ideas. Your pearl white dream is on the horizon.

Create a classic, country vibe

Curtains and sofas in gentles greys with linen upholstery, backed against white walls provide an abundance of luxury. Just add a lavish, deep grey rug underfoot, and a stylish white painted coffee table.

In the daytime, sunlight seeps through white blinds or curtains. However, in the evening, table lamps on white console tables add warmth to the space. Pale greys work well to build upon a sophisticated yet tranquil interior. Just implement drapes with subtle patterns and a clean, white chandelier for a fashionable touch.

Bring spring to your front room

If seasonal touches come to mind when thinking of white living room ideas, spring flowers and accents in daffodil yellow execute this perfectly. Swap your winter faux fur and wool-enveloped designs, for an immaculate carnival, of fresh cotton covers in daring prints.

Pair white with black

Whites, greys and creams can look dull sometimes. So, add traces of black within the interior to add character to the living room. For instance, a throw, side table and photo frame tie together features of contemporary, monochrome elegance – you can do this quite simply by adding black blinds or curtains to the room. Another great tip is to weave in some natural shade with fresh or faux foliage.

For a dramatic appearance, decorate a white space with one statement piece, like a daring black, canopy bed frame. Or you could sprinkle black accents all over. For example, framed black-and-white drawings, modern black lighting fittings or accent cushions with traces of black. Our Elira Filled Cushion will fit in perfectly, surrounded by your monochromatic aesthetic. If black feels too harsh, use dark grey instead. This will have a similar but gentler impact.

Create scenic views

Perfect for anyone who loves home comforts with added personality, creating a scenic aesthetic works superbly. Combining a mix of old and new purchases is all it takes, to achieve a look that brings the beach to you. Whitewashed shades and distressed floorboards make for a cosy living room. Throw in some nautical buys to make it feel like a cabin by the ocean. If you want to go the extra mile, turn your firewood logs into a rustic element and leave them on show.

Add warmth with wood

Natural materials like wood instantly warm up a crisp, white living spaces. Walls in this shade permit mid-century fixtures to sparkle. A white interior devoid of architectural elements make the ultimate blank canvas. Try adding in a tripod lamp, with a slim wood veneer tint, for a softer touch.

White may seem like a catastrophe waiting to happen in a lounge. However, not only will it make the area feel lighter and bigger, if you opt for durable materials, it can really become functional too. Tips to keep in mind are to select finely patterned wallpaper or window dressings, and team it with textured, natural floor coverings. Gone are the days of fearing wine spills. You can still have your white haven. Just pick sofas with washable seat covers and go for a chest of drawers, with an abundance of clutter-busting storage. Our white living room ideas will have you inspired within no time, to get started on creating your very own, white sanctuary.

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