When to replace all of your soft furnishings

Keeping your home looking fresh can sometimes feel like a full-time job. This is especially true when considering soft furnishings and household fabrics.

Before making a purchase, it’s worth considering the following criteria:

  • Is the material durable?
  • Is it resistant to stains?
  • Are there any protective coatings available to increase the product’s lifespan?
  • Has the fabric been pre-shrunk?
  • Is the product resistant to sun fading?
  • Are there easy-to-follow care instructions included?

It’s often hard to know when your décor choices have outstayed their welcome, so we’ve created a handy guide to help you keep track. We’ve covered everything from sofas to bathroom essentials – read on to learn more.

How Often You Should Replace Your Soft Furnishings

It’s important to be aware of the lifespan of your soft furnishings and when the optimum time to replace them is, to avoid your home looking run down.

While this will depend from product to product, our guide gives you an average overview to bear in mind when purchasing new items for your home, as well as ways in which you can keep them in great condition for longer.  

Sofas & Armchairs

Sofas and armchairs are a crucial home comfort. However, as they're likely to see frequent use, it's important to bear these tips in mind.

Lifespan of armchairs and sofas information


From mattresses and pillows to duvet bed covers and bed sheets, read on to find out how to keep them in great shape and maximise their lifespan.  

Lifespan of bedding and duvets information


Minimise UV damage and get the most out of your curtains with our comprehensive care guide.

Lifespan of Curtains information


You may not be able to avoid foot traffic on your household carpets, but there are steps you can take to ensure you're getting your money's worth.  

Lifespan of Carpets information


While they're designed to withstand general wear and tear, follow our bathroom fabrics advice to get even longer out of your items.

Lifespan of bathroom fabrics information


Care for your miscellaneous fabric products like scatter cushions, rugs and tablecloths properly by taking these precautions.

Lifespan of fabrics information

Hopefully, this guide will help you out next time you’re buying some snazzy new soft furnishings. Please note that these are just recommendations and you may find that yours last longer (or not quite as long with frequent use). Proper care always helps extend the utility and aesthetic properties household textiles.

Remember these basic rules and you’ll get more time to enjoy your soft furnishings and fabrics:

  • Guard all furnishings from pets, fumes (i.e. cigarette smoke) and sunlight
  • Any damage, no matter how trivial it seems, should be repaired immediately
  • Tackle any stains as soon as possible to avoid them becoming ingrained
  • Regularly vacuum and brush to remove harmful dust
  • Don’t stray from the manufacturer's cleaning instructions
  • Ensure your household textiles are thoroughly before storage
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