Bringing luck into your home from around the world

Every country has their own superstitions and good luck charms. These symbols and practices are so deep-rooted in many cultures, that even if you’re not superstitious you might be adding some luck into your home without realising. Terrys Fabrics have travelled across the globe (metaphorically) to provide you with the ultimate list of ways you can bring luck, fortune, and good health into your home.

China - Place Bamboo In The East Of Your House For Good Health

Green window plant in front of venetian blinds

Bamboo is a popular symbol of feng shui, believed to bring an abundance of good energy and luck. The plant teaches you how to be flexible and open on the inside so good energy can flow. According to feng shui it’s best to place bamboo in the east or south-east parts of your house, to bring good fortune and health.

Native America - Sleep Peacefully With A Dreamcatcher

Close up of a dream catcher

In Native American culture, dreamcatchers are believed to gather good dreams and remove bad dreams. The string web inside the circle resembles a spider’s web as Ojibwe and Lakota tribes believed spiders were a symbol of protection. When the dreamcatcher is hung above a bed, good dreams pass through and slide down the feathers onto the sleeper below.

Ukraine - Use Pysanka to Protect Your Home

Funky painted eggs in bright colours and a white floral pattern

These beautifully painted eggs are considered so powerful in Ukraine that they can protect households and bring tremendous amounts of luck. What type of luck and power you receive from the pysanka depends on the colour and designs, such as a moon on the egg is believed to always shed light on a household.

India - Elephant Decor Near Doors Will Shower Passer-by’s With Good Luck

Copper Indian elephant on a light green background

In many cultures, but especially Southeast Asia, the elephant is regarded as a sacred animal. Symbolising strength, longevity and wisdom. When placed near doors or windows, elephant decors are said to protect the home from bad luck and if the trunk of the elephant is up it showers passer-by’s with luck.

Japan - Bring Good Fortune With Maneki- Neko

Chinese style black waving cat ornament on a shelf next to a plant pot

No doubt you have seen this cute cat in your local Chinatown, often displayed at the entrance of shops and restaurants. This talisman is very popular in Japan - where it originated. It is believed to bring good fortune especially if placed in bedrooms and places of study.

China - Place Mirrors Opposite A Beautiful View to Bring Good Energy

Large circular mirror hanging from a strap, above a black storage unit

Mirrors are often found in our homes, but did you know they are a bringer of good energy and luck? In feng shui, mirrors are believed to bring light and energy into any space. If you place a mirror where it will reflect a beautiful view this is said to fill your home with positivity and good energy.

Europe - Hang A Horseshoe Outside to Protect Your House

An iron horseshoe nailed onto a wooden plank board

The tradition of hanging a horseshoe on your door dates back to the 10th Century. It stems from the fact they were often made of iron which was believed to be a lucky material, and they were usually held in place with seven nails, seven being a lucky number. This practice received a further boost when Saint Dunstan removed a horseshoe from the devil if he promised not to enter a home with a horseshoe hanging outside.