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What to put in your fireplace, apart from a fire

Fireplaces are bang on-trend, however, if you have one do you really want the hassle and mess of a real fire? If the answer's 'No', then what do you put in the otherwise void space? Here are some suggestions to help you decide!

Light blue living room with white leather sofas and cream fireplace filled with books


Fireplaces make great places to store books.

Cream brick fireplace with lots of candles in the hearth and cream and beige rug on the floor

Room for Tuesday

A collection of candles looks stunning in a fireplace.

Cream and white fireplace with plants in the hearth

Real Simple

Display plants in the fireplace to create a striking focal point for the room.

Traditional ceramic tiles covering a fireplace, with wine rack blocking up the hearth

WV Gazette Mail

Transform your fireplace into a large wine rack.

White metal traditional fireplace with blue orb light in the hearth

Real Simple

Make a Ball of Light using lengths of LED lights, to add a magical effect to the darkness of an empty fireplace.

White living room with wooden fireplace and the surround and hearth covered in mirrors

Loot Design House

Cover the front of the fireplace with a mirror, it will add a sense of more space across the floor.

White and grey kids room with white fireplace and hearth stuffed with teddies and stuffed toys

House and Garden

Not sure what to do with an abundance of fluffy toys? Store them in an unused fireplace!

White living room with fireplace filled with logs, with no mantle piece present

House and Garden

Neatly stacked logs look stunning in any style of fireplace.

White architrave traditional panels, then a white detailed fireplace and then where the hearth is a black and white geometric panel


Use your empty fireplace as a frame for art work.

White room with white fireplace and mantle piece shelf, plus shelves inside the hearth

The Interiors Addict

Use the space to store toys. This idea works particularly well for bedroom fireplaces.

An old fireplace used as a little nook for a dog bed

Ethanol Fireplace Pros

Unused fireplaces make wonderful places for pet beds.

White and cream fireplace with red, brown and grey vases in the hearth

Space For The Creative

Fireplaces make fabulous places to display a collection of tall bottles or vases.

Yellow nursery with black cot and a black chalkboard covering the fireplace, with baby and mummy purple elephants chalk drawing

Sail South Home

Block off the fireplace with a chalkboard; another great idea for children's bedroom fireplaces.

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