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Universal mandala décor ideas

Representing the universe a mandala has spiritual and religious meaning, however, the term mandala has been used generically for any diagram or geometric pattern. For some mandala provide a hippy vibe when used for décor and clothing, for others it's the beautiful intricate patterns that draw their appeal. Use mandalas in your home to create a peaceful and serene ambience or just include them to add visual interest to a room.

Dark blue and teal intricate round pattern on a wall in a cream bedroom

Where to Get

A large mandala covering an entire wall in a bedroom evokes a feeling of calm and restfulness, more especially when the colours are shades of blue and coordinate with the bedding.

Intricate white round floral wooden headboard for a white bed


If you want to make a serene statement in a bedroom opt for a mandala that's intricately carved into wood, or plaster-work, to make a statement headboard.

Bedding with mandala patterns give a hippy, Indian vibe.

Lotus flower design vinyl rug in a white kitchen

Studio K

Give a plain kitchen floor a mandala pattern to add some calming visual interest.

Dozens of white storage boxes secured to a living room wall in a spiral design like a flower

Woo Home

Get creative and use mandala patterning techniques to make a wall mounted book storage unit.

Mandala style spiral and star light feature


Lighting shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to adding mandala interest to your home. The actual fitting and lighting patterns they create can be amazing.
Mandala effect coffee table

Rotsen Furniture

Use the principles of mandala patterns to make a stunning coffee table from sections of wood.

Collage of different brightly colour cushions and pillows

Made Once

Scatter cushions are an effective and fast way of introducing mandalas to a room.

Mandala effect wooden clock with white leaf shapes

Inscribed Design

A simple mandala wall clock carved from wood adds a touch of natural beauty to a room.
Collage of different grey pebbles adorned with intricate white patterns

Lark Craft

Hop on the trend train and paint pebbles and stones with mandala patterns, either using one colour or multiple, bright tones.

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