Representing the universe a mandala has spiritual and religious meaning, however, the term mandala has been used generically for any diagram or geometric pattern. For some mandala provide a hippy vibe when used for décor and clothing, for others it's the beautiful intricate patterns that draw their appeal. Use mandalas in your home to create a peaceful and serene ambience or just include them to add visual interest to a room. tio1f3-l

Where to Get

A large mandala covering an entire wall in a bedroom evokes a feeling of calm and restfulness, more especially when the colours are shades of blue and coordinate with the bedding. fb6c92af8f58549d9eedf67f66bff625


If you want to make a serene statement in a bedroom opt for a mandala that's intricately carved into wood, or plaster-work, to make a statement headboard. Agni-duvet-cover-1-mandala-Bedspread-Bedding-positive-vibes-design-bedroom-decorating_large_5b19311b-0204-41b0-86c3-80f1a118d6b3_large

Jaipur Home Decor

Bedding with mandala patterns give a hippy, Indian vibe. cp_final_pic1sm

Studio K

Give a plain kitchen floor a mandala pattern to add some calming visual interest. Genius-home-decor-ideas-9-2

Woo Home

Get creative and use mandala patterning techniques to make a wall mounted book storage unit. mandala-no2b-1000-black-diamond2-9-b


Lighting shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to adding mandala interest to your home. The actual fitting and lighting patterns they create can be amazing. Mandala_Coffee_Table_1_READY

Rotsen Furniture

Use the principles of mandala patterns to make a stunning coffee table from sections of wood. pillowcases_insitu

Made Once

Scatter cushions are an effective and fast way of introducing mandalas to a room. mandala_white2

Inscribed Design

A simple mandala wall clock carved from wood adds a touch of natural beauty to a room. ROSEWORX

Lark Craft

Hop on the trend train and paint pebbles and stones with mandala patterns, either using one colour or multiple, bright tones.