Traditional living room ideas – pure elegance

The full length floral curtains and matching pelmet give this living room an elegant and refined look without being ostentatious or kitsch. When we think of elegance in interior design terms we refer to styles which are easy on the eye and yet have sufficient interest and colour preventing them from becoming too formal and stuffy looking.

Elegance means that a living room has a graceful and stylish look almost to the point of being ingeniously simple. Of course creating an elegant living room requires attention to detail from top to bottom and everything in-between. With colour choices and use of patterns playing a vital role is the style is to be successfully achieved.

Opt for creamy off-white for ceilings and walls as these won't give the room a harsh or clinical look. Using one accent, picked from floral blinds and curtains, to inject a bolder colour into the room. Use this colour sparsely and yet in sufficient quantity to make the eye follow it around the room. Keep furniture to a minimum without depriving the room of character and charm – this isn't a minimalist style, it simply requires you to have the ability to say 'enough' so that it doesn't become overcrowded or too busy looking.

Make the most of a bay window if you have one. It doesn't have to scream out for attention, it should should just ooze elegance by the way it's dressed. Curtains for bay windows are available to suit different size and shape of bay, they're also available in a wide range of plain, patterned and floral designs to suit the colour scheme and style of your living room. Use the same accent colour to trim the curtains, edge the valance or for tie-backs so that the curtains are included within the room as a whole rather than standing alone.

If you want your bay to be the focal point add additional flamboyance without going over-the-top. The room should look as poised and elegant as a beautiful women who knows she will turn heads without having to make too much effort. Think about accessories carefully as these can make or break the room. Table lamps, coffee tables, cushions and throws should all play their part in the overall look, while remaining in the background. The marriage of all of the pieces, including the style of furniture, should be a happy one; harmony, peace and a little je ne sais quoi is all that's needed.

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