Top gear stylised furniture - a petrol head’s paradise

The new series of Top Gear has begun and if you thought the car bench-seat sofa, car seat chair and coffee table made from a car engine were stage props think again, because you too can have these amazing pieces of car-parts furniture in your home.

Used by many self-confessing petrol heads, some car-part furniture and home accessories are a little more obvious than others; but they’ll all inspire you to put your foot on the gas to up-date your home by recycling and upcycling those bits and pieces that have been cluttering up your garage, shed, kitchen or front room! A grey sports car suspended upright on the side of a wall, with shelves and storage accessible within the interior


Car shelving takes on a whole new meaning with this entire car is used inside the home.

Light blue and orange swivel chair in the style of a racing car


Petrol heads who love all things ‘cars’ will undoubtedly enjoy recycled car parts. Glass coffee table mounted to the top of a mini roof, which act as table legs


You only need 3 components to make this stunning coffee table – 1. A car roof 2. A roof rack 3. A sheet of clear safety glass. A red, cream and silver sofa made to look like the back of a car


An old Chevy with a bench seat makes a wicked sofa. A round rubber tyre suspended from the ceiling and used as a light fixture


Taking all things cars to the next level with this awesome tyre light-shade.

Metal coffee table made from a large spanner, bolts and lots of bolt and wrench accessories


This car part table has to be a mechanics dream. Red and cream bathroom interior with an engine used as a sink faucet


You can even make a washroom basin out of car parts if you really can’t bear to be in a room that doesn’t have some reference to cars – and we’re not talking the odd picture stuck on a wall! A kitchen sink and cupboard, that looks like the front of a blue Volvo car


Another awesome washing station, this time made out of Volvo parts. Black and white arm chair made to look like the front of a white car


Fit for royalty this amazing VW chair. Glass top coffee table with a metal base for storing wine bottles, made from an engine


No petrol head’s home should be without a cool wine rack.

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