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The winner of our cushion competition challenge

A couple of weeks ago we asked a group of our craftiest bloggers if they wanted to participate in a competition to make the best cushion that they could with fabric from our site. We had a fantastic response from the community and after a some time deliberating over the best of the bunch, we are pleased to announce the runners up to our competition!

These cushions have been deliberated by our interior designer, Adele, who has taken in the quality of the cushion, the design, the style and the originality that has been employed. So, without further ado, here are 9 of the best runners up!

The Runners Up

Green and white floral fabric used to make cushions
This fantastic double cushion set was made by Magpies Laundry. Why not take a look at their, well documented guide to how they made the cushions?Campervan fabric used to make a cushion
Many thanks to the crafty experts at The Gingerbread House for this VW Campervan cushion, complete with a handy pouch to store bits and bobs
Red polka dot cushion on a bench
This beautiful floral cushion was made byHeavenly Handmades and quite frankly, their name says all you need to know! Well done to Alison for making it.Bright and bold campervan fabric used to make a cushion
This cushion entitled "Dream Bug" cleverly shows a Mini dreaming of being something more. Well done to Ditzy and Dotty for being so creative with their fabrics!Black cat design on a white green and blue geometric triangle patterned cushion
A cushion here for all the cat lovers, delicately crafted by our friends over at Oooh Betty! It's almost purr-fect (sorry!)Cream and pink campervan cushion on the grass
This stylish cushion was produced by our friends at Maybush Studio. A very professional looking job, I think we can all agreeBeige rooster farmhouse cushion on a green bench
This splendid entry is one of a pair from Carolee Crafts and shows a wonderful cockrel design across the cushion.White and green cushion with storage pouch
This lovely green cushion is one of a matching pair made by Crafty Shenanigans. A stylish design, I think we'll all agreeGreen, white and orange cute owl design cushion
This cheeky little 'Night Owl' comes to us from Espritpatch and is a very well made cushion indeed

So those are the entries that weren't fortunate enough to be crowned winner. They were all fantastic and just the kind of quality of craftsmanship that we knew would come from a competition such as this. The variety in design and style, using nothing more than a little bit of fabric and a wealth of creativity is to be really commended, so for everyone who entered, a very well done from me and everyone here at Terrys Fabrics! But there is one that Adele felt was slightly more deserving than the others, so without further ado... (drum roll please)

And the winner is...

The winner of the Terrys Fabrics 'Unleash Your Creativity' Cushion Competition is... Light blue nautical starfish cushion on a green bench I will let Adele sum up her opinion on this cushion herself, in her own words: I felt that this cushion captured the spirit of the competition perfectly whilst also reminding me of time spent at the beach on a lovely summers day! This is a cushion I am pretty sure I could find a nice spot for in my own home. As they put it themselves:
This reminds me of quintessential English summers on the beach with cool ice cream, waves lapping against the shore just bliss.
So well done to Carolee Crafts for your brilliant cushion, and very well done to all who entered our competition!

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