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The chateau wallpaper museum collection by angel strawbridge

Chateau de La Motte Husson comes to Terry's Fabrics

In Angel's own words, the Chateau de La Mote Husson is full of hidden treasures and she knew when they first became custodians of their new home, that they were in for a lifetime of family treasure hunting!

The wallpaper museum collection was born from Angel's first exploration of their attic and the discovery of a 15 foot tall armoire, packed with roll upon roll of wallpaper off-cuts from the designs that had adorned the walls of the chateau since its birth.

Angel wanted to celebrate and share the joys and colours of these designs so that their history would live on; so a piece of each of the wallpapers now resides in their very own wallpaper museum, cut into an elegant diamond and braided by  hand and with love by Angel.Her elegant diamond design, with its history deep routed in the Chateau's beginnings, is the basis for the wallpaper Museum collection of homewares which crowns her entire collection. 

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