Two children sharing the same room can cause all sorts of problems for parents. Having their own space is important; take a look at these inspiring ideas on how to divide a bedroom to give each child their own space and more importantly identity.  


One of the easiest and cheapest ways to divide a shared bedroom is using different coloured paint and a simple curtain.   27-Inspiring-Shared-Kids-Bedrooms

The Book of Idea

Include the ceiling in paint and wall differences, along with bedding to really make the two halves distinctly different.   shared-bedroom-design-ideas-beautiful

Bedroom Pedia

A storage unit makes a great divider.

9628544627_c7d6104816_zHandmade Charlotte

An alternative way to divide a shared room is to go for modern bunk style beds.  

bunkbed4-handmadecharlotte-via-designeast.eu_Handmade Charlotte

Another variation of more traditional bunk beds.  

Roomshotwithchairs1-710x434Project Nursery

Different coloured bedding and the on-trend names or initials on the walls define the boundaries between the two halves.  

shared bedroom decorating ideas-shared bedroom decorating ideas-32 BP Blogspot

Identical schematic in two distinctly different colours clearly shows this room has two halves.  


Two different coloured walls give each half of the room its own identity; the room is joined by the little bridge formed as an integral part of the bed frame. Perfect for same gender twins.  

shared1Home Dzine

Identical in every way, with a shelving unit separating the two beds.

divide-a-Shared-Bedroom-for-2-Kids-11Interior Design 4

A contemporary approach is to give each child their own little house within the same room.

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