Home bars aren't those odd little drinks cabinets that lurk in the corner of the lounge or dining room – today they've been given their own space or own dedicated room; as drinking at home, along with high class entertaining, is becoming increasingly fashionable. We're not talking about swigging a can in front of the telly, but luxury cocktails, places to take pre-dinner aperitifs or end the evening with fine liqueurs.   home-bar-designs-7


Sleek and stylish this home bar is simplicity at its best; it's perfect for a den or basement, but would look equally as cool as part of a dining or living room too..   Modern-Home-Bar-Ideas2


Contemporary design which oozes chic style is an understated, elegant way.   Decorate-the-Cool-Home-Bar-Ideas-with-the-light


Incorporate a bar as part of your extended kitchen or dining area for a style that epitomises contemporary, luxury living.   modern-living-room


Small is beautiful! This cute bar can become part of anyone's living space.   modern-bar-kitchen-interior-design-600x400

Modern Home Interior Design

Complete with chillers and display units you'd be forgiven if you thought you were in a trendy nightclub bar if you were invited for drinks in this amazing home.   Sublime-Home-Bar-Decoration-ideas-for-pretty-Home-Bar-Traditional-design-ideas-with-dark-wood-cabinets-glass-front-cabinets

European Web

This type of home bar is for those who are seriously into creating the same ambience as a hotel or nightclub bar in their own home.   captivating-stylish-colorful-bar-table-furniture-with-surprising-modern-pink-round-chairs


This trendy bar is somewhat reminiscent of home bars of the 70s with its corner placement and display of glasses.   Cool-Best-Home-Bar-Designs-Ideas-in-Home-Bar-Rustic-design-ideas-with-home-bar-lanterns-leather-barstools-rustic-basement

House Of Arch

Ranch style bars are perfect additions to dens and man-caves as well as those who have the available space to have a room dedicated to drinking!   house-ideas-perfect-contemporary-home-bar-design-with-stainless-steel-bar-counter-and-pink-bar-stool-with-swivel-bucket-seat


If you like glitz, glam and hotel chic you'll love this amazing home bar! The sexy curves of the bar are ideal for getting up close in the snazzy pink swivel seats.   luxury-home-bar-designs-best-home-bar-designs-best-home-interiors-stylish-home-designs-52625




Oozing style this luxurious home bar has the hotel chic look with retro stools and clear glass bar surface flanked by a large block of honey coloured marble.   Modern-Home-Bar-Ideas3

Hot Nick

An amazing contemporary home bar that's definitely fit for purpose.  


Ever wondered what to do with the space near the stairs? Use it as a home bar! The height/headroom of the stairs provides ideal overhead shelving space.   Impressive-Contemporary-Bar-Designs-Ideas-in-Home-Bar-Contemporary-design-ideas-with-bar-lighting-bar-stools-built-in-bar-ceiling

House Of Arch

If you live in a luxury home like this it stands to reason that you'd have your own amazing home bar with an unrivalled view of the ocean. Loving the way the blue of the sea and sky is reflected on the surface of the glass bar.