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Teal living room ideas for your home

Some design trends are short-lived, others are timeless. When it comes to teal-inspired palettes, it is a colour that stands the test of time. With this shade comes versatility, it can be warmed or cooled, when combined with other colours. You will spend a lot of time in your living room unwinding and entertaining. Therefore, it only makes sense to make it a space that feels welcoming. There is no better way to achieve this, than with teal’s soothing and rich characteristics. Dip your toe into these green-blue waters and get creative with our teal living room ideas.

The perfect pairings

Teal can be somewhat of a tricky colour to match with others. However, it can be achieved! Our top tip for keeping things coherent – when you implement a particular shade, weave it in repeatedly. You want the design to be consistent. This increases the visual appeal of the space.

Black and white pairs dramatically with teal if you are going for a modern aesthetic. Golds and coppers also make for a wonderful mixture. They can be used as metal finishes for lamps, or plant pots. Add in a gold chandelier for a rich, opulent vibe. Or, if you are aiming for a more rustic style, consider copper as a contrast to teal. For a classic coupling, beige is a neutral tone that goes with almost everything. It just happens so, that it is also a great accent colour for teal. Beige can be added in through window designs and accessories. It works to add warmth to teal for a pared-back look. Pop teal throw pillows on your sofa, with a gorgeous beige cushion next to it. This will add instant warmth to the area.

Contemporary teal living room ideas

For a stylish, cosy and modern living room, mix teal with creams, beiges, and cool greys. We advise to avoid going overboard with teal here. Use it sparsely in decorations like rugs, blinds, lampshades, or a velvety accent chair. You could also make teal the shade of an accent wall. Pop in a grey or beige sofa alongside it, adorned extravagantly, with cushions in teal and salmon. A dash of contemporary luxe, with a metallic floor lamp, will radiate an abundance of elegance.

Glam it up

If you want your living room to ooze glamour, teal is especially fitting to the Deco style. Couple the shade with coral, for a stylish and sophisticated design. Finish accessorizing with hints of gold. We recommend doing this in the form of a side table with a porcelain top and gold legs. This will make your living room the envy of all guests.

If you want to add complexity - mix various fabrics and textures. This could be in the form of a lamp, with a geometric metal base, or a big statement mirror. Turn up the heat with teal curtains, a gorgeous teal sofa, or a crushed-velvet accent chair.

The safe option

If you are uncertain about implementing teal into your living room, pair it with grey. The two shades work together to create a safe haven. Soft grey walls will soothe the vibrancy of any shimmering teal furniture. However, if you like the idea of teal and grey but also want to be daring, there are other options. You can muster up drama in your lounge, with a blend of charcoal-grey and dark teal. The overall impact will feel seductive and incredibly refined.

Living room décor

When it comes to teal living room ideas, white will always be a classic choice for fittings. This even goes for accent chairs and sofas. If you are more attracted to the cooler side of teal, opt for glossier materials. This may come in the form of white ceramic vases or marble tables. However, if you think the space needs a little warmth, make use of different types of wool. Faux wool blinds, pillow covers and cashmere blankets in gentle white work beautifully.

Window treatments

There is an abundance of teal-style window treatments to choose from. From modern, blue eyelet curtains, to rich turquoise pleated drapes for extravagance. Lined teal curtains also have thermally insulating elements. This helps stop cold draughts creeping through windowpanes, whilst keeping the area cool in summer.

Roman blinds, curtains or roller blinds are a wonderful way to add pops of colour, to an otherwise dull room. Consider the Tyrone Roman Blind to combine a burst of life in your living room. Couple with metallic accents and striking house plants, for a glitzy, yet comfortable aesthetic. If you want your lounge to become an escape from everyday life, opt for bright, teal curtains. This will be evocative of cheerful, summer skies and tropical waters, for a vacation-like atmosphere. Our Plain Ring Top Voile is an affordable way to bring the coast to your living room.

There are lots of teal living room ideas to consider. Whether you want to play it safe or be bold, the space will be look nothing short of remarkable. Use our tips and tricks, and transform your lounge into a peaceful, yet energetic vision. Teal has a mysterious richness that alters in different lighting throughout the day. So, sit back and enjoy the stunning variations you will experience.

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