Teal bedroom ideas for your home

Finding the perfect balance between relaxing yet stylish can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a few colours that can achieve this harmony, and teal is one of them. It works as a versatile shade, as it goes well with other colours on the wheel. The bedroom is the place you go, to rest and ease your mind. Teal does exactly this, adding effervescence and depth to a room, whilst remaining soothing to look at. This opulent shade can convert your bedroom into a tranquil oasis fit for royalty. With our help, we hope to offer you lots of teal bedroom ideas, for creating your own blue-green, lagoon dream.

Pair teal with mustard

If you want to make a statement, teal’s cool nature juxtaposed against warm colours really make it pop. For an eye-catching appearance, our favourite hue to experiment with is mustard, as it adds intensity and excitement. Combining a pop of mustard in your teal, eclectic bedroom makes a beautiful pairing. Paint your walls a deep shade of teal and couple with bright décor, for a stunning colour-popping combo. Mustard and ochre are fantastic bed fellows for this ocean-green tone.

Enjoy a tropical look

Do you want to feel like you are right by the sea? You can lean into teal’s fun, tropical vibes each day you wake up and go to sleep. Natural materials like rattan, leafy greens, and plants look wonderful alongside a teal feature wall. For an extra wow-factor, a statement bed also makes a big impression with such a daring backdrop. Teal bedroom ideas can also be ramped up to make them luxe for this aesthetic. Incorporate intricately decorated bed linen and rugs. Or alternatively, go large on the magnificence with a teal and gold bedroom. Gold or brass features can be implemented in the form of chandeliers, lamps or mirrors.

Grey and teal: an elegant mix

This combination proves to be a stunning, timeless classic. Teal and grey mix in with each other to present a tasteful and chic appearance. Even a few teal accents incorporated into a grey bedroom can brighten up the area, just the right amount. This means the blue-green does not become overwhelming, giving your bedroom a very stylish touch. Why not jazz things up with crystal décor and an opulent mirror, to make the room appear larger than it is.

Combine teal and white

For those who are more into the minimalist, Scandi-inspired bedrooms, you will be happy to know white and teal make a wonderful pairing. When it comes to clean lines and simplicity, teal will do all the talking. Couple teal with white for a classic mixture with a contemporary twist. Wooden bedposts, white walls, and perhaps even a teal accent wall, can assist in bringing a room together.

Teal all around

If you are teal’s number one fan, then why not go all-in? Go crazy and implement teal drapes, bedding, pillows, cushions and accent walls. Combining the right accent colours and decoration in a bigger room can work a treat. This way the shade will not become too overpowering in your safe haven. For an all-out teal room, our velvet teal fabric provides an air of luxury.

Go pattern crazy

Teal and patterns create the perfect harmony. Patterned pillows or blankets with a teal accent throughout, ensure your room is cosy and trendy at the same time. Teal does not have to be the centre of attention. Nor does it have to overpower the other shades, you decide to blend into your bedroom’s design. Contemplate utilising it in small patterns throughout the area. Or, in a small part of the bedroom, as opposed to covering all the walls in teal. Make the bedroom even more remarkable with some neutral coloured curtains or blinds. This will ensure you build the perfect balance in your home’s décor.

There are several ways for to consider implementing teal in your bedroom. Whether it is the entire room or just a couple of accent pieces, the colour melds well with other, darker shades. Take into consideration a few of these exciting bedroom ideas, when you are venturing on your teal redecorating journey. There is something to suit everyone’s taste, your turquoise fantasy is just one lick of paint away!

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