Stunning low budget bedroom ideas

You don't have to have lots of money to create a stunning looking bedroom. Low budget bedrooms can ooze style and sophistication just as long as you get the colour palette right and use furniture and furnishings which don't overwhelm the room. The adage 'less is more' works incredibly well when decorating bedrooms on a low budget.

A double bed with brown bedding in a light grey and brown bedroom

5x9m Decor

Neutral colours work well and allow you the freedom to add accents as and when you want to without the need for a complete redecoration.

A loft space with stained wooden beam and light wooden roof panels, then a white double bed with bedside tables and lamps

Bedroom Trends

Only include the pieces of furniture that are essential – in this case simply a bed; it will make the room look much larger.

A rustic double bed made from upcycled wood, with wooden crate storage underneath

99 Pallets

Build your own bed frame from old wooden pallets – the look is bang on trend and it will free up some cash for a decent mattress.

A white double bed in a white bedroom, with teal wardrobe and teal feature headboard behind the bed

Six Different Ways

Make your bed look larger by using an extra wide headboard.

Duck egg blue bedroom with matching floral bedding and touches of cream and brown

Markova Design

Make your own statement headboard to give your bedroom an updated look.

Four poster black bed with white bedding in front of an exposed brick wall

Home and Office Decors

Leave brickwork exposed for an urbane look which remains on-trend and you'll save on paint and wallpaper.

A DIY four poster style made from slim birch tree trunks will give your bedroom a unique and quirky look.

A simple wooden frame draped with cheap voile can transform the look of your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Cream bedding on a light wooden bed, with brown padded headboard and quote decal on the grey wall

Wall stickers can be a fabulous way of adding interesting to a plain bedroom. Just choose the ones that suit your personality the best.

Black, white and red bedroom, very modern and stylish


Use cheap bedding which has a luxury look.

White and cream bedding with grey bed throw, in front of a voile panelled window

Interior Arcade

Use cheap cushions to make your bed look sumptuous and more inviting.

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