On 11th November a poignant statue was unveiled in Brampton Park Gardens, Newcastle- under-Lyme. The £20,000 statue is a full size women holding a letter of condolence informing her that her loved one was killed in action during WW1. Both The Realise Foundation and Travis Perkins donated £10,000 each, while Terrys Fabrics had the privilege of donating the red fabric used to cover the statue prior to the unveiling by Linda Hailstones, mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme. During the unveiling ceremony Vera Brittian, a Newcastle-under-Lyme writer whose brother and fiancé were among thousands who lost their lives during WW1, read from the poem The Testament of Youth. The statue was one of many regeneration projects by The Realise Foundation; a charity which helps communities and the people of North Staffordshire reach their full potential. Travis Perkins PLC employs over 24,000 people throughout the UK and Ireland; the company has been providing building supplies for over 200 years with their roots traceable to Georgian times. On 11th November people of all ages, including children, came together to remember those who so bravely gave their lives fighting for their country. So, the next time you're near Bramptom Park, which is only about 1 mile from the centre of the city, call in and sit a while next to the lady with the letter and spare a thought for all the mothers and wives who lost their loved ones during World War 1.