Space saving guest room office combos

If you don't have a large house with enough rooms for an office and a guest room, the easy solution is to combine the two. There's plenty of inspirational ideas that will give you the office space you need along with a place for guests to lay their heads, so to speak, when they stay. Modern guest, music room and office


Using a bed as seating when you don't have guests makes it easy to share your home office when you do! Grey bedroom with fitted units and space for a computer and desk chair


Hidden beds are a great space saving idea that allows a room to have dual purpose. Blue and white guest room and office

Elas Design

Having a totally coordinated colour scheme enables one function of the room to blend seamlessly with the other. Bright and bold orange office with a cream leather sofa in an alcove

DIY Network

Choose an office desk that resembles a coffee style table and your guests will feel more at home, rather than intruding into your work place. Cream bedroom with pull out beds and an office desk and computer


Trundle beds make it easier to sleep two guests in a small office space. Desk and wall storage, fold out bed combination

Furniture Fashion

Have desk and bed combination furniture for an instant room change. Funky fold out multipurpose office furniture


Be inspired by the Japanese with space saving office/bed convertible furniture. Home office and bed on a mezzanine


When space is at a premium go for a mezzanine area for the guest bed. Eco office with fold office desk

Grass Please

Rather than have a hidden bed have a hidden desk instead! It's easy to store away and your guests will never know they're sleeping in your office.

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