Single bed vs small double: 6 reasons for making an upgrade

If you’re the type of bedtime sleeper who loves to spread out and take full advantage all that bed space, then a single bed maybe a little small for you. Not only will upgrading your single bed to a small double give you that extra leg space you need but many other things to. So here are six reasons why you should find that single bed of yours a new home and make the upgrade to a small double in its places. White double mattress
  1. More space to spread out: Small double beds are slightly larger in size (120 x 190cm) than a single bed (90 x 190cm), though they are more ideal for one person to sleep in rather than two. Due to its overall dimension lacking space for two people to sleep comfortably.
  2. It’s not too big not to small: Another great point about a small double bed is that although they are slightly larger in size than the standard single bed, they don’t consume too much of your bedroom space. This will leave you with plenty of space for your bedroom furniture and more.
  3. Opportunities for storage : Although single beds offer the opportunity to make use of all that spare under bed space, with a small double you have even more under bed storage space to use. One great way to keep your bedroom clutter free is to incorporate some under bed storage boxes to seal and store away your unused bedding, clothes, shoes and more.
  4. Better sleep and comfort: Having a bigger bed space to sleep in can actually provide you better sleep and comfort throughout the night. Not only is your body able to move about freely within a larger bed space, but also do so without any interruption or threat of potentially falling off the edge.
  5. Great alternative to a double: Although the idea of having a bigger bed to yourself sounds like a dream come true. The price of a bigger bed can sometimes keep that dream out of reach, due to the fact that larger beds such as a full sized double bed are of a higher price to purchase.  However having a small double might be the perfect alternative that not only meets your need for more bed space but also works within the bed budget you have in mind. White double mattress
  6. Suitable for any guest:  A small double bed is not only of the perfect size to fit in a guest room for example leaving plenty of room space for furnishings and walking around. It’s also a perfect bed choice to suit any guest who comes to visit, taking into consideration their unique body type, weight and height ensuring they sleep soundly in comfort 

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