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Seriously stylish festive charm: kitchens

There is no place more deserving of a festive gathering than the kitchen during the Christmas season. Having a cup of freshly brewed coffee and nibbling on home-made cakes, brings out the best. Make sure you touch up your cooking area with novelties that bring joy and laughter, along with good conversation. Mobiles and Chimes When you have little fingers moving and grabbing at counter top goodies, it can be very difficult to place any type of Christmas-themed pieces. Use the ceiling to keep your flavour of the holidays out of reach with mobiles or chimes.

Glittering golden snowflakes or angels, that softly ring a joyous melody each time the refrigerator door is opened, will not only remind you of the reason for the season, but can also let you know when your treats are under attack! Hang a colourful mobile from a light fixture over your bar or island, dotted with sugar plums, gifts and elves, or whatever your passion. This will not only make for a great conversation piece, but will also spice up your eating area. Get creative and let the kids decide what should be placed on the mobile. They will see a piece of their own input on each kitchen visit.

Window Treatments Festive, colourful window decals can bring a cheery atmosphere, when you have an open window. Use white curtains or a plain valance so the pictures will expand and attract the eyes of visitors. If you have kitchen blinds, use the sides of your window as a place for hanging sprays of ivy, mistletoe or Christmas roses. Stick on vinyl stencils used on the surrounding walls, can also be used with a covered window giving a subtle hint of the season, without interrupting the window treatment.

You do not have to have a lot of holiday décor in the kitchen in order to create a cheery atmosphere. If you have an open space that is out of harm's way, choose a unique item that addresses the season with love. A tall crystal tree, outfitted with colourful porcelain bulbs and gifts, or a wooden sleigh, filled with an assortment of brightly-wrapped sweets, will do. The kitchen can be a very busy place during the holiday season with baking and preparing large meals, but you can still find undisturbed areas to display a bit of cheer, while cooking and visiting with friends and family.

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