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Seriously stylish festive charm: dining rooms

Dining rooms can offer the best ways of expressing your holiday cheer with window treatments, table cloths, mood-altering lighting and decorations of wonder. When you are having guests over for Christmas, it is time to put on a show. Keep within your colour scheme and style for a flowing theatrical appearance.

Raise the Curtain with Stunning Window Treatments

Window treatments, that have been designed especially for your dining room, can be tweaked with a touch of greenery or ribbons along the corners. Flowing twinkle lights, tucked behind drapes or highlighting the outer edges, can also add just a dazzle, in a dark corner. You want to use only a minimal amount of decoration with your window treatment to blend, and not distract, from the table.

Lights, Action, Cameras - Perfect Table Dressings

Finding the perfect table cloths or table runners can leave you confused. Satin or velvet, linen or lace, or solid and print are choices that can all look stunning, but consider how each will blend into the atmosphere of your Christmas dining room. A personal choice of a full cloth or runner should be your first decision made. Once you have crossed this obstacle, look at the fabrics.

What type of cloth is used on upholstered chairs and window treatments? If satin is the main fabric, stick with plain or a large, faded print for your table cloth or runner. Trimmed in tassels or embroidery, your table will not be too busy for all the activity. Small designs or thick fabric, like velvet, is too unbalanced for having a display down the middle.

Spray out the Display in Harmony Your centrepiece is going to be the main attraction. Simple is better when surrounded with plates, glass ware and eating utensils. For an oblong table, the attraction in the centre should be stunning but not crowded.

A long, low-lying box of crystal, gold or silver, can be used to place one or two unique figures on display, without brushing against the table ware. This type of display, outlined with a couple of tapered candles on the end, works well when there is a low hanging chandelier or special decorated light. If there is no hanging light, get bold with tall objects, such as skinny trees and pillar candles.

Keep your colours consistent and your balance in check. Your simplicity will draw more attention than with too many decorations. Remember, it is the mood that draws a crowd to a theatrical presentation, more than the show itself.

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