Rustic bedroom ideas for your home

When you think of rustic bedroom ideas, wood, peeled paint and old-style furniture may come to mind. However, you do not need to steer towards the classic, rustic look if you do not want to. There are plenty of ways to modernise the style, typically associated with farmhouse décor such as adding in rustic style blinds or curtains Such bedrooms are cosy and welcoming, allowing you to escape the business of day to day life. If you need inspiration to get started, our rustic bedroom ideas will help build a comforting space, exuding cabin-like warmth.

Country or Farmhouse Style

If you want to give the bedroom a farmhouse touch, wicker baskets and rustic wood furniture do just the trick. Use natural colours that you would find in nature – such as beiges and browns. This can also be mimicked in your window design – opt for natural fabrics when choosing your curtains or blinds. Alternatively, wooden blinds can be complimentary to the natural feel of rustic décor. This resonates with proper, farmhouse interiors. Go the extra mile and use an antique water pitcher as a vase. Normally, mason jars are associated with such designs. Instead, purchase some antique pitchers for your fresh blooms, to place around the bedroom.


Contemporary rustic bedrooms rarely incorporate dated or worn furniture. Take the country and farmhouse aspects and spruce them up with a stylish feel. You could implement wooden beams in the ceiling. However, make sure they are slick and well-formed with sharp corners. For some extra flair, they could even be varnished with a slight gloss. The wood fittings you select should be well made. Pick fixtures with slight details and intricate carvings. You should also try to stick with neutral shades when it comes to window dressings – such as pale beige or white wooden blinds. It aids in creating the homely vibe.

Bohemian Rhapsody

For a creative twist, give your rustic bedroom a bohemian style. This is where items from your world travels will come in handy to decorate with. Fittings produced from reclaimed wood or are rough-carved are ideal. They possess a naturally matured appearance.

Use ornaments that are handcrafted, to achieve a rustic feel that is also boho. Knitted wall tapestries, baskets, lampshades, or rugs will tie together this look perfectly. Do not be afraid to incorporate a pop of colour, which can be done by adding some burnt orange blinds or curtains. It is the part of bohemian décor that will make a statement! Look for textiles with bold patterns and vivid shades. Better yet, if you come across vintage or antique fabrics, that is a bonus!

Rustic can be luxurious

Luxury is not a word that you normally associate with rustic bedroom ideas. However, you can improve your rustic interiors to have an opulent feel. Our top tip is to sensibly bring together rustic and stylish design elements. This will ensure it feels organic and not excessively designed.

When it comes to furniture, an oversized bed with an extravagant impression works wonderfully. To achieve this look, go for wood or metal material. Purchase something with a sophisticated design, and a headboard that operates as a focal point. Accent the area with both natural and deluxe touches – velvet works well for window dressings, cushions and throws. Fur can equally be rustic and plush, so you can utilise it as a sizeable space rug. For extra opulence, hang a chandelier with sparkling crystals and include some crushed velvet longline curtains. In no time, you will have a shimmery bedroom, you will not be able to get enough of.

Metallics can be rustic too

Metallics in a rustic bedroom have a very different meaning when contrasted to their use in modern areas. Opt for weathered brass handles and an iron framed bed, instead of refined chrome and copper finishes. It is the time-tested look of such materials, which emphasise the rustic ambience in an artful manner.

Whatever your taste, there are rustic bedroom ideas to suit each one. There are a mix of different styles to think about such as traditional, contemporary and luxurious. It is an unusual style, however, when it comes to the interior design of bedrooms, the style is anything but unsophisticated. Get on board and before you know it, you will have the cosy wonderland of your dreams.

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