Red bedroom ideas for your home

Red is the colour of love, power and romance. However, many are still hesitant when it comes to incorporating the colour within their bedroom. Fear not though! We have put together red bedroom ideas, certain to make you reconsider your next design project. Whether you intend to use red as your main colour or as an accent tone in curtains or furniture, the space will embrace passion, nonetheless. It is a versatile shade and there is no doubt about that. When coupled with white it becomes refined, black creates excitement and tones of grey keep it controlled. So, take the plunge and bring the heat with red bedroom ideas.

  1. How to use red with grey
    Red and grey work fantastically when used together. Grey is a tasteful colour with the strength to highlight sophistication. A red accent creates an exceptionally sensual, energetic, and spirited allure. The combination generates passion, maintaining an intriguing design. These accents of colour can be embraced through pillows, artwork, or curtains and blinds. With these two shades, you will have a contemporary bedroom with a clean, refreshing, and radiant atmosphere.RedwithGrey
  2. Red wallpaper
    Creating an accent wall in the bedroom can make an oddly sized room seem proportionate. Wallpaper is a fantastic substitute for an accent wall; it can be arranged in a way that makes the design look unique. To enhance the area even more, pop in a few accent pillows or match your wall to the curtains. This will balance the colour scheme and overall appearance of the red. If you want to boost your bedroom’s elegance, implement a hint of black to go alongside the red.
  3. Textures and tones
    Contemplate the different shades of red you can use before making a rash decision. It may be that your bedroom just needs a dash of blush or a lick berry to bring it to life. Do not forget, when it comes to red, it is the finish that creates the greatest distinction for the room’s ambience. Matte finishes give the area a more minimalist appearance. However, shiny reds are perfect when it comes to red bedroom ideas. It achieves that rich, vibrant aesthetic effortlessly. Different textures in soft furnishings and windows dressings will help add intrigue – such as our Chenille Eyelet Curtains. Colours like berry red also have a hint of purple. This will take the boudoir’s atmosphere to a whole new level!
  4. A touch of red
    If you do not want to fully commit to red, you can still implement the colour without it being too overbearing. Take a chance on the shade by popping in a daring red rug, cushion, or bedding. The Eastbourne Filled Cushion boasts a rich, patterned red, for an explosion of classic romance throughout the bedroom. When you are feeling braver, you can go ahead and add more red pieces over time. This is also a wonderful way of trying new, striking hues of red that you are not completely confident about.
  5. Windows
    Luxurious materials in red can used as window treatments, to ramp up the stylishness of a bedroom. Light and sheer, or silky fabrics are very classy. Alternatively, if you want to go the opposite way, heavy materials like velvet create a sense of opulence within the boudoir. Our Carnaby Silk Effect Curtain is guaranteed to make a luxurious statement all-year round.

When it comes to red bedroom ideas, there is a world of endless possibilities. All you need is our tips, a bit of creativity and the patience to pull it all together. Whether you go all-out with red or add splashes of colour here and there, your bedroom will be sure to get hearts pumping!

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