Re-Vamping Your Living Space - Create Zones and Define Areas

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

When you have a home with large rooms, you can really use it to your advantage to create zones and define spaces. For example - your lounge could be used for relaxing with a good book, entertaining guests, playing games with the family and so on. When the lounge has a lot of space, you can create certain zones or spaces for each of those activities - a pleasant window seat to read a good book or an area to play and store family games.

We are going to reveal a few tricks to using the space provided, re-vamping your interior décor and generally creating rooms that are inviting, comfortable and enjoyable to spend time in. Some of the older homes will be complete with large spacious rooms and high ceilings - features which many of us dream of having, but struggle to decorate when the time comes down to it. Finding the balance between a room that looks washed out, empty and lost with a room that has been cluttered up with a variety of furnitures and accessories in an attempt to occupy all of the given space.

You have to remember, that older homes that were built with larger rooms because back in the day families tended to be larger and rooms were multi-functional. There was a real 'togetherness' with families in the past, that has been lost slightly these days - it can be a rare occasion for the whole family to sit down and have dinner together for example and mothers are not necessarily home bound these days. This togetherness meant that even when family members were taking part in different activities - they still liked to be near to one another. Imagine the mother sat in one corner sewing whilst the children played in another. You have to analyse a large room as if it was a few smaller rooms - all with their own purpose.  

Let us take the lounge as a good example of a multi-purpose room. Imagine that this is in fact three rooms - a room for watching television with the family, an area for reading in peace and quiet and a zone where children can play. Once you have defined the function of a space you can proceed with moving in furniture - all the time with the idea that the zone you are creating is a room in itself. Avoid buying large furniture because you have a large room - this will defeat the object.

Now you need to think of ways to define the space even more and separate areas with items such as plants, ready made curtains and curtain rails or even arrange the furniture so that it faces away from other zones. All the while, being careful to leave enough room for manoeuvring around the room. In terms of colour, you should use one colour throughout such as a neutral that will allow for a balance and just add accent colours to different areas. You could play around with harmonious or tonal colours that will work well together but still allow for defined spaces.

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