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Living room design ideas for your home

Living rooms are the heart of the home – whether it is the place you sit to relax on an evening, the place you entertain guests on a weekend or where you spend your days with your family, everyone has their own memories in their living room. For this reason, finding the right living room décor ideas is essential to create a room worthy of all the amazing memories.

There are likely to be a number of things you want to achieve with your living room – something stylish, interesting and cosy – a space to spend time with family and friends.

Bring the Outside In

What better way to feel closer to nature than to bring it indoors – house plants are extremely popular at the moment, not just for their appearance but for their many health benefits. Even if you don’t feel up to caring for a live plant, there are various ways to introduce a nature theme into your room.

Green is a calming colour which is reminiscent of the outdoors – mimic a natural theme with green accents in the form of cushions and window dressings – both of which can be made from a natural green fabric. Alternatively choose a fabric design which includes leaves or floral patterns to add a touch of character to the room.

Keep it Neutral

There is nothing boring about neutral tones these days – there are so many different ways to do a neutral theme and plenty of accessories to brighten it up when you fancy a change. If you choose to do darker toned neutrals such as deep rich chocolate brown or warm dark beige then brighter or deeper colours can make great accents – for example, turquoise works great with chocolate.

On the other hand, lighter neutral tones can really open up a room and work well with pastels should you wish to add a pop of colour. Dulux’s colour for 2020 is beige – so it makes perfect sense to stick to neutrals in your living room. If you’re looking for something a little different and on the cooler side of neutral, griege makes a great choice for living rooms.

Cosy and Calming

Blue is meant to be one of the most soothing and calming colours – especially paler sea blues and baby blues. Make your living room one of the most tranquil places in your home by mixing paler tones of blue such as duck egg with cool tones of grey and white. A multi-tonal effect will not only create dimension and character, but this is a perfect colour combination for living rooms – whether you choose to only add blue accents or go all out with blue furniture.

Modern Rustic

If you’re a lover of the traditional but want to update it a little but then a modern rustic theme could be the one for you. If you have a lot of wooden accents in your home such as beams and wooden floors keep them dark but incorporate light walls such as white or cream. Then add modern accents in with a contemporary sofa and chairs – even choose a bright coloured cover if you’re really looking for some contrast.

As long as you’re living room is somewhere you love spending time and it has everything you need to relax and enjoy your time it is the perfect space. Hopefully these living room design ideas will you realise your living rooms potentially and really bring it to life.

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