Quick and easy last minute makeovers for bathrooms

When thinking about quick and easy last minute makeovers you can do just before Christmas the bathroom probably isn't the first room that comes to mind. With the lounge, dinning room and kitchen as the obvious first choices it is important to remember that the bathroom is also a room that will gets lots of use over the Christmas period with everyone off work and at home, not to mention any additional friends and family who are going to visit for a while.

Often being one of the smaller rooms in your home the bathroom is surprisingly simple to give a little bit of special attention to. You are obviously not going to have a whole new bathroom suite fitted a few days before Christmas Day but there are still many quick tricks and areas that you can focus your design efforts on. The floor is one area that with minimal effort can be spiced up and improved. New bathroom mats around the toilet and in the middle of the floor can help to give the room a new lease of life.

It is also a good opportunity to add new colours or patterns to your bathroom. Just remember to make any new colours or patterns work with the colours you already have. The other area of your bathroom that can easily be changed is your curtains and blinds. With just a few minutes of putting them up you can make over the look of the whole room. Ready made curtains and made to measure blindsmean that you don’t have to go to the trouble of making your own curtains or trying to hunt down blinds to fit the size of your bathroom window. Venetian blinds can work really well in a bathroom, due to the water and steam from baths and showers the humid atmosphere can affect curtains, making them mouldy!

So with the two quick and easy make over ideas just by changing your bathroom mats and the curtains or blinds you can dramatically alter the look and the feel of the room. You can also add additional textures to the room by picking a bathroom mat set that is different from what you currently have. There really is no excuse to not to give your bathroom some attention this Christmas and you are bound to impress your guests and family who will make complimentary comments about the changes! Image: AtticMag

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