Modern bathroom ideas for your home

When it comes to bathroom design ideas – it can be a difficult yet exciting job. Bathrooms are a staple room within a home. Not only should it operate well, but it must offer optimal comfort. Some bathrooms are magnificent enough to have all the fittings we desire.

Modern grey and white bathroom, with white bath tub

However, most modern houses tend to have rooms on the smaller scale. Although, there is still a variety of small bathroom ideas, to make a statement. We think compact bathrooms can be just as magnificent. Here are our bathroom design ideas, intended to make your renovation journey a little easier.

Design tricks

Using tiles in certain ways can work to your advantage – especially in smaller bathrooms. Tiles will transform your bathroom to look elevated and practical. The trick is to make use of waterproof materials, so that when everything is soaked after a shower – it will not matter!

Chances are your bathroom may not have a built-in vanity. Instead, implement a ledge over the sink. This can become a space to keep your daily essentials like face creams and soap without taking up flooring space. This is particularly useful those who do not have a secret cabinet behind the bathroom sink.

Colour scheme concepts

Black and white is a timeless design. Go for black and white tiles, chrome fixtures and a silver mirror for a breathtaking combination. A black and white theme works exceptionally well in a modern bathroom. For a striking look, use white tiles halfway up and black paint on the remaining half.

If executed properly, grey bathrooms can ooze style. There are many hues of grey on the market. All of which perform fantastically with lighter coloured accessories such as these duck egg blinds. A grey bathroom establishes a calm and tranquil ambience. This is precisely what your most used room in the house should feel like.

A neutral colour scheme may be uncomplicated. However, it will never age. Although it is not eye-catching, it will make your bathroom appear warm and welcoming. Neutral shades work well with fittings that have a wood effect or white finish. This makes it ideal for traditional or country bathrooms. If you want to add a modern feel, merge the neutral tones with oak or dark wood furniture.

Small bathroom ideas

A small bathroom can be chic and practical. A small bathroom does not have to look constricted. By utilising clever small bathroom ideas – your restroom can ooze sophistication, even if all you have is a shower room to work with.

Modern bathroom in grey and white, with wooden sink base

A top tip for small bathrooms is to invest in an oval bath. The rounded corners create the illusion of more space. You could also fix in a shallow shelf, to conceal waste pipes and add simple, minimalist décor upon, like plants. Alternatively, if you do go for a walk-in shower, add frame-less panels, as they look as though they are hardly there.

Visually, it is ideal to keep a small bathroom feeling open by not overcrowding. You can do this by dangling your towels on bars or hooks, keep patterns to a minimum, and keep it classic. By using light colours for your window design you can open up the space even further – bright whites and pastels can help create the illusion of a bigger room. Try these classic white blinds to open up your space.

Modern bathroom ideas

Contemporary style may have a unique meaning from person to person. However, when we refer to modern bathroom ideas, often the same strategies preside. These consist of geometrical shapes, neutral colours, minimal decorative displays, and natural materials.

Modern grey and white bathroom, with floating sink

A marble counter-top brings a hint of extravagance in a contemporary bathroom. Brass is set to be a colossal trend for bathroom design ideas in 2020. Adding brass all through faucets and light fixtures is an excellent and economical way to revamp your bathroom, without the need for a full renovation.

Good lighting is key. Why not fit bathroom mirrors with lights all-around them to create a well-lit space? Also, for clever storage look for an illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet.

When it comes to bathroom design ideas, the list is endless. Despite being one of the smaller rooms, bathrooms require and deserve the same design power that other rooms in the house receive. From paint colour to soft furnishings, vanities and lighting, our bathroom design ideas will now allow you to make an informed decision.

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