Purple living room interior design ideas: pack a punch!

This week we're going to share 7 purple living room ideas with you. From the palest lilacs to the darkest aubergine, there's some stunning purple shades each offering a different look to your living room. Purple is considered a regal colour making it the perfect colour choice if you want to up-date your living room and try something new.

One of the greatest advantages of using purple is that you can use it as the base colour or an an accent, depending on the style of your home and the size of your living room. We begin with a three-tone colour combination, a punchy purple, white and soft lilac, which is perfect for traditional or modern homes. If you have a large living room you'll be able to use a bright mid-tone purple for walls, rugs and accessories. To stop the room from looking gloomy, contrast with purple curtains in a soft lilac, or window blinds in cream or white to compliment the colour of your chairs and sofa. Alternatively if you're living room isn't too spacious try using the punchy purple as your accent to compliment soft lilac walls.

Floor rugs, cheap curtains, window blinds and table lamps can all have a deeper tone of purple to make them stand-out from the pale walls and flooring and give your living the 'wow' factor. Don't forget to give your living room a focal point – either an architectural feature which can be focused upon, for example a chimney breast in a traditional style of living room or a wall mounted plasma television in modern living rooms. As most living rooms include a television, try not to place the furniture in a row, typically pushed up against the wall opposite the screen! Group furniture so that conversations can easily begin and informality reigns.

Of course, everyone wants to be able to see the television, but it shouldn't make your living room a hostile place were nobody dares to speak. Today's modern living is all about sharing quality time with family and friends rather than simply flopping down to watch TV every night – even though that maybe all you want to do! Think about placement of accessories, coffee tables, wall art, floor and table lamps to make your living room look and feel more spacious. Give each one the attention it deserves and you'll find that simply by moving pieces around the room will take on a new look.

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