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Purple living room ideas for your home

It is no wonder purple is a colour associated with royalty when it resonates with all things opulent and eccentric. Whilst it is thought to be an unconventional colour for interiors, purple living room ideas can take your space from boring to trendy instantly. If you want a shade that is going to grab attention from every angle – purple is the one. Many think it is a hard colour to match furnishings and décor with. However, this is far from the truth! With it being a combination of blue and red, it can typically harmonise with any variation of either of these shades. This opens a whole other realm of mixing and matching possibilities which is what makes purple so fabulous. We have gathered a collection of go-to purple designs to give your living room its own unique personality. So, go ahead and lavish the space in plum magnificence, or weave in purple accents if subtle is more your vibe.

Purple Beginner

If the thought of going big and bold with purple in your living room scares you, consider limiting the colour to accessories and soft furnishings. Although a subtle touch, it will still be nothing short of beautiful. Neutral hues and deluxe soft furnishings will make your living room both stylish and homely. A purple rug will ground the space when it is alongside pale walls and sofas. Whilst a chandelier and extravagant curtain fabric will add those luxurious touches fit for a King and Queen. The Sophia curtain in silver will fit perfectly with the purple rug to create a space that is both harmonised and glamorous.

Mixing Purple and Neutrals

For the purple-fanatics who are willing to go all out with the colour in their living room, utilising several tones of the shade is the easiest means of complementing. Blends of purple paired with neutral shades like white, beige, black, and grey, means purple will steal the show. It is a simple way to match the colour without overwhelming the interior design of your living room. To prevent it from appearing as though you played it too safe, add various textures alongside the different tones of purple. This will really make the contrasts and differences stand out from the crowd. For example, pop silk and linen pillows on the sofa, a hand-woven rug on the floor and hang heavy drapes on the windows. Make sure they are all in different colours of purple, or in patterns which include this plum delight.

Cool vs. Warm

When going on a hunt for colours that match purple for your lounge, the temperature of the tone you select has even more impact on the area, than the actual hue itself. The final aesthetic relies on whether you offset the temperature of purple with all cool or all warm colours. For instance, a cool-tone purple paired with a steel grey mimics a chic, contemporary living room. On the opposite end of the spectrum, combining the same cool-tone purple with a balmy orange, will give that funky, eclectic bohemian vibe. It all depends on what you are striving for. If you want a sharp and modern looking lounge, go for all cool shades. The Matrix curtain in grape is enough to transform your living room into a contemporary purple haven. Or if quirky and cosy is more to your taste, all warm colours will achieve this perfectly. Purple living room ideas really are this versatile!

Timeless Combinations

When it comes to purple living room ideas, there are many classic colours that can be used with the shade. Grey, whether light or dark is perhaps the most common – and luckily very stylish too. The mixture works beautifully when larger furnishings, for instance the sofa, are purple, and then grey rugs and window treatments are used to tone down the space.

Bold jewel tones, such as ruby red and deep teal also match the depth of medium to dark tones of purple. Take these jewel colours and incorporate in details of boho style, but with modern furniture or vintage-look pieces. Trust us – your living room’s personality will shine through in all its eclectic glory. Our top tip here to layer dark, mid-weight, and light colours, weaving in plenty of white and pale grey to keep the space from becoming overpowering. Hang up some oil-painting prints, and you will have a boho den like no other. If you really want to push the boat out, an oversized chandelier will add instant pizzaz and quirk.

The beauty of lilac is unquestionable. Better yet, it can be united with beige for an even more gorgeous vision, to create a balanced, spa-like area. With this winning relaxation combination, your living room will become your favourite place after a long day at work. Picture this – lilac walls, beige trim, and an assortment of solid and patterned lavender fabrics coupled with beige furniture. This is a timeless combination if the clean look is suited to your tastes. If this is a scheme you end up opting for, to stop your living room from looking too airy, incorporate in one or two pieces of furniture in dark wood for depth. A weathered timber coffee table will do wonders for this tranquil living area!

Surprising Contrasts

Purple living room ideas may come to surprise you, in that they work with colours people view as clashing shades. If you thought neon green paired with a rich, royal purple is a catastrophe – think again! It is actually a surprisingly contemporary combination. Similarly, you can add hints of burnt orange, with a grey and purple colour scheme. Whilst this may sound like an odd triplet, try it, and watch how much it energises your living room.

Pastel or muted yellows and reds can also work well with purple. When going for more daring, contrasting colours like this to match purple, small doses offer the best results. So, if you want blinds or curtains in red or yellow, cocooned in your purple interiors – go for it! The Kensington in scarlet red is a bold choice of course, but one that we guarantee will pay off.

It is clear purple can accommodate for many living room designs. For those who want to dip their toe in purple, you will find modest ways to inject the colour into your space. At the same time, if you are a die-hard purple enthusiast, there are bold ways to create your purple getaway. No matter how much or little you love the colour – there is something to suit everyone’s taste. So, are you ready to take on purple in your living room? We dare you to indulge in at least one of our purple living room ideas. Trust us – you will not regret it!

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