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Orange bedroom ideas for your home

If you are not a morning person, orange interiors will give you that much-needed boost to spring out of bed and seize the day. Given its vivid vibrancy, it is perfect for encouraging motivation and joy. Orange bedroom ideas are trendy and fun, whether utilised as a main shade or accent colour. For those hesitant to use this invigorating hue, we have gathered some knock-out style tips, that will change your mind.

Go Big and Bold

If you are an orange fanatic - own it! Use white accents on light fittings, bed frames and plant pots to make the shade pop even more. Your bedroom will soon be exuding glowing sunset vibes, like that of a tropical paradise. However, be sure to use clean, simple lines when it comes to furniture. Otherwise, the room can begin to look too overpowering.

Terracotta, tan and ochre, are colour variants which lead the way for burnt orange bedroom ideas. They are a great option, for those who want to be surrounded by the colour’s positivity, but also want something earthier. The key here is to layer the various types of burnt orange to deliver intensity. Go for a satiny, auburn rug or curtains to ground the area.

The Understated Look

At the other end of the spectrum is the soft, minimalist side to orange – peach. Still cheerful, still welcoming, but calmer and gentler, peach and hues of apricot are a wonderful way, to brighten up your bedroom. Depending on the tone chosen and layout of the room, such colours are a one-way ticket to the Mediterranean. Or, if you are a traditionalist at heart, when paired with pearl and cream, they will emit vintage quality.

Accessories for Design Depth

There are a variety of décor ideas to add more depth and interest to your bedroom style. When picking accessories, remember the size, design and shade, so that everything you implement matches the overall aesthetic. If you want to imitate traditional design, a black and white geometric rug or tiger orange chair, adds those small, unique finishes. For further quaint enhancements, incorporate hints of orange through window dressings. You can get creative here, so why not swap your current blinds for a funky 70s pattern? Our Orla Kiely – Sweet Pea Roman blinds are guaranteed, to ramp up the era’s groovy element. Alternatively, if you want to mimic the beauty of a sunset, a lava lamp bursting with orange tones, creates ambient lighting.


Create a Feature Wall with Two Tones

When it comes to orange bedroom ideas, if the thought of all four walls in this shade makes you feel nervous, we have just the trick! Just paint to dado rail height and you will have the best of both worlds. There is room for freedom here, as you can mix and match any tone of orange. Maintain subtlety with a richer hue or opt for something vivid, to make more of a statement. Our one rule for this look – ensure the darker shade is kept to the lower part of the walls and the lighter above. This will do wonders in making the ceiling appear higher and the room bigger.

Autumn Aesthetic

Combining warm hues together replicates that cosy, autumnal feel. A mix of orange and red, or orange and pink, creates an eye-catching contrast. Along with the right furnishings, window dressings, accents, and art, these tone duos work beautifully. This is so long as you use a neutral shade to offset the design. White, beige or soft brown are ideal colours to achieve this and prevent the space from appearing disarrayed.


Orange Opulence

If you want to transform your home into one oozing with luxury, go for deep oranges in rich fabrics. Think velvet curtains, chunky woven bedlinens and tartan cushions. A dark orange wall blends beautifully with curtains and bedding in grey. These touches keep the aesthetic feeling crisp and fresh. The Savoy Ready Made Eyelet Blackout curtains feature a lavish, chenille texture, ideal for crafting a luxe yet neutral look.

To really go the extra-mile, why not opt for bedding which features a spread of extravagant, orange feathers, like that of a Peacock? These beautiful birds are amongst some of most remarkable and colourful animals. Mimicking these characteristics in the bedroom, transforms the space into pure magnificence. If you want to pare it back slightly, white and orange designs incorporated into accent walls and curtains will do just the trick.

We hope our orange bedroom ideas have inspired you to integrate this beautiful shade into your home. There are so many styles in which this hue can help pull off. Whether you want to recreate a tropical utopia, an autumn day or a luxe space, this versatile colour will not let you down. Your orange paradise awaits you!

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