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New colours for summer 4: mink

Mink is actually a dark shade of brown, almost black in colour and really gives a warm atmosphere when contrasted against lighter colours. As this is indeed quite a bold colour, you must try to ensure that you don’t over-do it. Instead, use mink as a way to compliment and break up large plain walls or as the base colour for a room. If you are considering redecorating your living room, the first thing you need to look at are the main and most prominent pieces of furniture; this may be your three piece suite.

A three piece suite or sofa set is a surprisingly easy piece of furniture to transform and will certainly not break the bank. Simply go online and look for some mink coloured cushions and throws. Try to make sure that the dimensions you order are oversized as this will give a classic and rustic look to your living room. Okay, so now you have your three piece suite or sofa redesigned you will start to see the beginning of the transformation in time for the summer season.

Oversized wooden furniture looks really good against mink so if your budget allows it, you may want to consider a coffee table and place it in the centre of the room. A really stylish way to add something special to your new coffee table is to place a woollen rug underneath, as mink colours make a perfect match with wood. Remember, mink and the colours that go well together are reminiscent of room styling that was seen many centuries ago. Next, why not try some new shelving; this acts as a great partition and divide between the walls.

Wooden shelving can be bought really cheaply and you should aim for something as plain as possible. Once you have your new shelving (possibly one or two shelves), add a little mink paint to it. The walls behind your newly painted shelving should be light and neutral so consider giving your walls a new makeover with a cream or tan shade. If you have some paint left over after your living room make-over; take your new interior design ideas to the bedroom.

Again, rugs are a really stylish compliment to mink colour tones. Finally, take your left-over mink paint and add this to the base of your bed. Once it has dried and you are happy with the results then take a look at the bedroom curtains. Bedroom curtains look wonderful in mink and will of course contrast beautifully against the base of your newly painted bed.

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