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Moroccan style

Bridging the gap between European and African style, one of the hottest trends when it comes to interior design is Moroccan home decor. Moroccan décor really does have so much to offer those canny enough to choose it, from the designs and patterns to the sumptuous fabrics to the incredible vibrancy and beauty of the colours.

But even amongst such wonderful traits, it is the longevity that the style which has remained popular for centuries can give to your home décor that is the real clincher- Moroccan style was born out of the geography of a surrounding landscape- it is completely unpretentious and therefore timeless. No more keeping up with flimsy fashions and fickle fads!

With such awe inspiring surroundings, it’s no wonder that Moroccan’s don’t look too far for colour inspiration. Hot, vibrant oranges and reds are refreshed by deep blues and sparkling greens of the sea. Ochre mountain ranges, silvery moonlit desert scenes and golden sands and the key is to use your palette bravely.

Deep colours are no longer reserved for accents but instead provide the dramatic backdrop for an entire room arrangement of darkened wood furnishings, terra cotta tile, and accenting multi-coloured oriental rugs. Adornments of jewel-like glass works, bold patterned fabrics in sea and sand inspired colours draped from the walls and for oversized pillows.

The stuffy and static rules of modern interiors no longer apply when it comes to patterns, fabrics and curtain materials. Look to layer up woven rugs to create an informal and unstructured feel. For a really strong theme don’t restrict the use of rugs to the floor, hang them from the walls to create a beautiful mural, similarly, you can hang curtain fabrics from the ceiling tent style to create real ambience. Scattering cushions and throws across the floor to enable will really add to the relaxing atmosphere of the scheme.

To further increase the texture and richness of your scheme choose mosaic tiles over conventional flooring. Mosaic tiles offer the unique opportunity to match the colour of your flooring to numerous features in your scheme. If this feels like a step too far, dark wood flooring should instead be chosen to add a more refined yet equally sumptuous feel.

Furniture should be dark wood and rustic in style, hand carved and adorned with ornaments made of bone, gold and pottery. Low height coffee tables, chests, decorative drawers and room dividers should all be included. You can use room dividers in many different ways to add drama to your rooms as well as section them for privacy by using screening you can create space and make a room more inviting as well as more functional. If you have a home office in the main living area of the home, the room dividers are a perfect way to section off this space. If you can’t find a free standing one that you like, instead thread some voile curtains onto tension rods to section off different areas.

To finish your scheme it is imperative that you show particular attention to lighting. Not only will lighting help create the right mood, it also offers so much by way of decoration. Use lamps, lanterns, sconces, star lamps and even chandeliers in your Moroccan home decor. Lampshades are often one of a kind and made from animal skin that has been stained and hand painted or tattooed with henna.

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