Making textiles work in your home

Whether you're aware or not, we all have textiles of some sort in our homes! Getting the balance right is key to the success of your décor. Think about textiles every time you decorate and you'll soon realise just how important they are.


White Living Room With Two Orange Sofas And Matching Accessories

Fabrics in bright colours are what makes our homes distinctive – brighten up any room by using coloured fabric on window dressings, sofas, chairs, cushions and throws.


Blue And White Patterned Living Room

Patterns put the fun into décor; you can be as straight faced and formal as you like, or you can show your playful side with bold patterns. Mixing and matching patterns doesn't have to be rocket science!


Colourful Red, Cream And Green Fabrics In A Modern Living Room

Prints play a huge part in any style of décor. Like pattern they're used to inject both colour and style into a room.


Purple Ottoman Foot Stool And Matching Purple And Green Cushions On A Cream Sofa

Every interior designer will tell you that adding texture is a fundamental aspect of good design. Textiles play a huge role in this, include touchable fabrics such as velvet and chenille in bedrooms and living rooms. These textural fabrics are soothing to touch and visually exciting.


Colorful Living Room With Reds, Pinks, Greens And Blues

No living area should be devoid of cushions! Including cushions gives you the opportunity to incorporate all the elements of using textiles successfully.


Cottage Living Room With Purples, Pinks And Creams

Throws aren't a recent phenomena, step back in history and you'll find that throws are included in both living areas and bedrooms. They were used not purely as decoration, but for warmth; today a throw placed nonchalantly on a sofa or chair is on-trend, furthermore, it's seen to be 'hip' if you wrap yourself in a gorgeous throw on a chilly evening, no one says you're old-fashioned anymore!


Feminine Living Room with Fuchsia Accent Colours Throughout

Curtains or drapes provide the opportunity to add some fabulous textiles to a room. They can be used to stave off the cold or purely as decoration. Curtains are also a great way to inject a pop of colour into a room. Opt for prints or patterned varieties and you'll be killing two birds with one stone so to speak.


Zig Zag Black And White Rug With Matching Cushions On A Black Sofa

Rugs are great for helping to ground colour schemes. Due to their fabric they'll also bring another form of textile into a room.


Geometric Black And White Roman Blinds In A Classy Living Room

Like curtains and drapes, blinds not only provide you with privacy when you need it, they're also a great way to bring textiles into a room.


Green And Brown Living Room

Whatever the covering on your sofa it has a textile. Some are soft to touch, while others show your interior design style off to perfection.


A Person Holding A Finishing Tool Against A Leaf Pattern Wallpaper

Even a plain plastered wall has its own distinctive texture. Add a textile such as fabric to bring another tactile and visual dimension to a room.


Grey Knitted Pouffe Foot Stool

Foot stools and pouffes have the ability to bring another type of textile into a room. Knitted pouffes are on-trend; use them as a one-off or team them with cushions and throws.

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