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Magical christmas colour schemes – totally natural!

In this instance 'totally natural' refers to only using natural materials for your festive decorations and colour scheme, which basically means different coloured wood, greenery and colours which reflect nature.

This in itself opens up a whole world of different shades and hues of colour inspired by nature, such as traditional holly and ivy, red and greens, the beautiful hues of the blue spruce or the deep lush green of traditional pine Christmas trees.

In many ways this colour scheme is used in Scandinavian homes as this compliments their furniture which is predominately made from pine along with a simplicity and chic styling. Of course if you already have wooden blinds as your window dressing you only need add a few festive touches to replicate a Scandinavian Christmas theme!


Think along the lines of red and white gingham ribbons to hang your tree ornaments, swap your curtains tie-backs for the same ribbon to bring a sense of balance and coordination, gingerbread men and home-baked biscuits will need to be added to your tree to provide a well thought of design style which compliments your home!


Red and green are classical colours to use in a natural colour scheme. Again if you have green or red curtains you have a distinct advantage for choosing this type of design style! White or pine wooden curtain poles are also in keeping with the theme and an inexpensive method of hanging your curtains. Don't forget the heavier your curtains are, the larger diameter curtains poles you will need to ensure the curtains hang correctly and their weight doesn't pull the curtain poles from their fixings!


There are so many different ways you can have a 'totally natural' colour scheme within your home which can just have a few additional pieces to bring a magical festive feel. Use fairy lights, candles and a variety of different size table or floor lamps to create cosy corners for people to sit and relax in.


You could even dare to turn the TV off this year and return to the tradition of past Christmases and play charades and other family games, that's if you can prise children away from computer games! The return of traditional family Christmases is becoming extremely popular, particularly as many people believe the magic of Christmas has been lost to commercialism and hype!


Creating a refined, yet natural festive ambience within your home doesn't take much effort and can be far more cost effective than paying over the odds for all the commercial glitz and bling!


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