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Magical christmas colour schemes – modern blue and silver

Many people are moving away from the traditional Christmas colours and now using a more modern approach by combining blue and silver to create chic and stylish Christmas colours which inject subtle beauty in an understated way.

As many modern homes have predominately white or cream walls electric blue and silver look stunning or a more formal and elegant look can be achieved by using midnight blues and burnished silver.


These colour combinations are easy to achieve especially if you already have blue curtains in your lounge or dining room. For a magical Christmas adding the lustre of silver offers a chic and elegant look. Jewellers often use deep rich blue to display their silver as the colour reflects and creates a beautiful blue sheen with a magical effect.


If you prefer not to have dark blue colours teal and silver produce a modern look which can be interspersed with different tones of turquoise to really perk up the look! Use silver coloured curtain poles with blue or silver ready made curtains in stylish taffeta fabric which produce a soft and luxurious sheen which bounces both natural and artificial light to create stunning shimmering effects. The injection of bright turquoise brings this style right up to date, use complimentary coloured cheap cushions to bring the whole look together effortlessly.


These colour combinations work very well with modern interiors and design styles. If you have your tree in the lounge you can use an artificial tree with silver or white branches and use only blue and silver ornaments to create a coordinated magical Christmas scheme which suit modern homes and lifestyles perfectly.

In older styles of homes the deep rich navy and burnished silver works exceptionally well, team with blue tartan fabrics for a manor house style scheme which is sophisticated and elegant.


Position floor lamps to shine onto the tree to enhance the colours and create magical lighting effects. Deep blue curtains with a matching pelmet and tie-backs offer a very classy look which can be achieved on a budget. Curtain tracks can now be bought with pelmet rails incorporated to make it very easy to replace your existing curtain tracks to revitalise the look of your windows and patio doors.


If you want to have a change from traditional Christmas colours and use this beautiful scheme this Christmas there are many inexpensive blue and silver ready made curtains which have matching tie-backs and cushion covers for a quick and easy room transformation!

For more inspiration then why not browse through our Christmas Shop.

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