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Luxury bedrooms for kids who have everything

Decorating children's bedrooms can be fun. Choosing a theme is great way to turn a room into an exciting place to grow, play and learn, as well as sleep. For children who have everything making their bedroom a special place takes bedroom décor to another level. When money is no object the sky is the limit and kids can have just what they want. Baby's nursery with round cot surrounded by blue voile canopy and giant grumpy moon figure filling the room


The man in the moon adds a unique touch to this nursery. Wooden bunk bed with stairs on one side that also offer storage, with yellow sofa underneath the bed

Ara Home

A bespoke style of bedroom which gives privacy in the form of the canopy. Great storage built-in to the stairs and a chill-out zone.

Aviation is a great theme for kids. This bedroom has its own plane bed, control tower and slide. Childs bedroom with an under the sea theme, plus wall mounted suspend bed shelf

Inspire First

Enjoy playing under the sea in this stunning bedroom, complete with crash zone.

Up, up and away, a kids dreams with soar into the sky in this amazing hot-air balloon bedroom. Truck, car and petrol pump child bedroom

Kid Venturous

This awesome garage themed bedroom includes the details every kid will love, including a large open back truck bed. Red racing car speedway themed kids bedroom

Bored Panda

Another garage theme, this one is for cars. White and silver kids bedroom with white canopy over a floor playmat

Amazing Interior Design

Princess themes are taken up a level with this luxury bedroom design. NASA and space themed bedroom with space wall art and space shuttle themed bunk bed


Take your kid's imagination out of this world in a galaxy themed room, complete with NASA bed. Cool aeroplane themed kids bedroom, with childs bed on one wing of the plane


Kids get to sleep on the wing of an aeroplane that is cleverly built-in to the corner of this awesome bedroom. Space themed bedroom with half open fold out bed and 3D planet decorations stuck to the wall

Fable Bed Works

Another galaxy experience, complete with hide-away space shuttle style bed. Batcave themed bedroom

New Mad Decorating

Older kids will love a Batman cave as their bedroom. When they have everything else, why not? These bedrooms aren't for the faint hearted, they are for parents who can splash their cash without hesitation!

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