Love Your Colourful Kitchen 5 - Juicy Oranges

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Less seen in kitchen décor than its neighbouring red or yellow, orange is nevertheless the perfect blend of these two warm colours. I often think that orange is more energetic and fun too - perhaps something for those of you who want a striking change in their kitchen decorating. Juicy oranges are the order of the day and we have lots of ideas and interior design ideas to share with you on this fascinating hue. The different shades of orange will suit various interior design styles with the real punchy oranges making statements in contemporary kitchens.

Don't be fooled into thinking a small kitchen can't hold such a vibrant colour; it can. A good source of light will help in this situation, but you can make use of lighting tricks too - Net or voile fabric at the windows lets plenty of natural light filter through whilst still offering a good level of privacy; the use of gloss white and metallic finishes will also help to bounce light around the room. Try white wainscoting with a Clementine orange on the walls above; more character is given with retro accessories and open shelving that will also help to open up the room.

An earthy orange looks beautiful in continental kitchens and is quite a staple in the Mediterranean. Apply this colour with paint for the walls and compliment it with the warm tones of a medium wood. Touches of cream will help to lighten the room and can be used for painting ceilings, splash back or floor tiles and window treatments. Retro styled kitchens are a reflection of good times and will pave the way to creative and fun entertaining. If you are going in this direction - remember it is a brave choice of colour when used in large amounts; a kitchen can look fantastic with orange gloss cabinetry but it won't be for everyone - be 100% before you commit!

With the vividness of orange taking centre stage, don't let other décor fight with it or clash; white counter-tops or natural wood are good and help to neutralise the scheme. You might go for metallic hardware on cabinet fronts or choose a model that is seamless. Not ready for a whole lotta orange? Keep it to smaller details and you will often find it has just as much punch as when used in large amounts. Gloss tiled back-splashes are popular in monochrome kitchens, an orange retro fridge acts as a statement curtains for the kitchen and orange fabric can bring the colour in as an accent at windows or to hide open storage.

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