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Kitchen design ideas

Kitchens are such an important room in the house and for many forms the centre of their home – they are the place for cooking, eating and entertaining, with many family memories probably centred around them.

There are a number of things you need from your kitchen – not only does it need to be functional with plenty of storage and space but also stylish and perfect for socialising. We have plenty of kitchen design ideas which incorporate all the different aspects of a great kitchen.

There are many things to consider when choosing a kitchen – whether you’re remodelling or just redecorating there is a lot to think about from kitchen wall colours to floors. In this article we have you covered with plenty of ideas from kitchen colour ideas to shaker kitchen ideas – look no further.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

Modern kitchens are epitomised by sleek designs, clean lines and clever craftsmanship but gone are the days when the only colour scheme seen in a modern kitchen is a clinical looking bright white. Now, there are an array of different ways to do the modern kitchen look. Whether you’re looking for a splash of colour, neutrals or a simple monochromatic look – there is plenty to choose from.

Shades of Grey

Grey is the colour of the moment and has been for a few years now – with no sign of budging grey is here to stay. There are various ways to use grey in your kitchen and with so many different shades to choose from the options are endless. If you’re looking to add depth and character to your kitchen opt for darker grey tones such as slate and graphite – these can work great as counter top colours – and paired with lighter grey floors and walls it can add dimension and character.

However, if you prefer lighter, brighter tones – colours such as stone, off-white and griege can work well – especially if you are looking for open plan kitchen ideas where you’re wanting to bring in plenty of light.

A Pop of Colour

When you think of modern kitchens it is likely you’re thoughts first go to neutrals however there are various ways to include a pop of colour in a modern kitchen – if you’re feeling brave you can choose coloured countertops or even cupboards. In a glossy finish these will ooze style and sophistication. Alternatively add colour with accessories – metallics are great for this, copper accessories are great for adding colour and style. Or, add colour with your window design – pastel coloured blinds work great with neutral and grey toned kitchens.

Traditional Kitchen Ideas

When you picture a traditional kitchen you’re probably thinking dark and earthy colours however that is not always the case.

Vintage Colour Schemes

There are a few ways to do traditional and one of them is a vintage look. Again, vintage means something different to everyone but we’re talking soft pastel colours and creamy whites. Opt for cream cupboards and pale wood tops and then add pastel accessories such as a kettle, curtains and cookware to add character.

Warm Woods

On the other hand, if you are a fan of the traditional warm and deep colours then warm woods and accents is the way to go. Rich wooden cupboards and dark countertops are very cosy looking and paired with warm brass and gold accessories make for an interesting combination. This is a particularly interesting look if you have exposed brick – really adding to the character of the room.

Small Kitchen Ideas

A small kitchen doesn’t mean you are limited on ideas, it only means you may have to be a little more creative. There are plenty of small kitchen ideas to choose from and two of our favourites include ways to give you more space, or at least the illusion of it.

Mirrored Surfaces

Mirrored and shiny surfaces are the best friend of a small space – they reflect light and help give the illusion of a bigger space. Luckily there are plenty of ways to do this in a kitchen. Choose appliances which are a light, shiny metal and cupboards which are glossy – in either a pale grey, white or cream to open up the space. Additionally, use a window design which brings light into the room using light coloured blinds or voile curtains.

Clever Storage Solutions

Whilst mirrored surfaces can create the appearance of more space, clever storage solutions can achieve it. The most important step is optimising floor space and this is done through wall storage such as shelving and high cupboards so that you have to have less on the floor – where possible have both high and low cupboards to avoid having more on the floor and integrate appliances such as dishwashers, bins and microwaves into the design where possible.

Hopefully now you have enough kitchen design ideas to see you through your remodel or project – and these are only the tip of the iceberg.

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