Living Inside a Tiny Eco Home

We showed you some amazing tiny homes Incredible, Tiny Eco Homes, and many of you have asked about the inside. In this post we answer your curiosity and show you a sneak peak of what it's like living inside a tiny eco-home.


Lush Home

This eco home may be small, but it's full of all the mod cons we've become accustom to. Maximising every inch of available space, the loft style sleeping area looks comfortable, if not somewhat precarious.


Humble Homes

The interior of this tiny home is styled with an open-plan motif. It's like living in an eco-friendly bedsit.


Tiny House For Us

Clever storage solutions are a must in tiny homes. This house has a hidden double bed that's slid out when needed.



Plenty of natural light makes any room seem larger, so it's imperative in tiny houses to maximise this free resource. Pale woods and white are ideal decorating colours.



Making a tiny home personal is achieved by using a decorating motif that suits your personality and works well with the limited space.


Fast Co Exist

The latest eco-homes typically have a contemporary layout to compliment the innovative design.


DIY House Building

This tiny home works on the principle that less is more….the end result is a place that's simplistic, yet incredibly stylish.


Epic Weird

Living in a small space can be claustrophobic. This home's structure can be changed by walking on a hamster style wheel. Ingenious eh?



Tiny house living gets very close and personal with nature. Embrace the fact by having a stunning view and large windows to bring the expanse of the outside inside.



Using outdoor space means you can have your living and dining room outside, leaving the house with a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. All very well when it's not raining!