Kitchen Interior Design Ideas – Exciting Eclectic

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
If you love an individually styled kitchen which in many ways doesn't conform to the usual kitchen designs, you'll love an exciting eclectic style whether personality and individuality reigns. You can include all manner of mismatched pieces and styles and still end up with a stunning result. This interior design style doesn't give you total freedom as such because their has to be a coherence, otherwise you'll simply end up with a jumbled mess which lacks identity and character. Flooring: Whatever you find most desirable can be used – stripped floorboards, laminate tiles and even lino will all be more than acceptable. Light colours will work well in small and medium sized kitchens as the floor can help to give the room a light and airy look and feel. Cabinets and cupboards: Fitted or free-standing, the choice is your and of course you can include both if you wish. A mixture of traditional wood can sit comfortably next to man-made plastics making this interior design style very affordable. Walls: Plain white walls are the ideal neutral colour and can enhance other aspects of the kitchen. Washable paint is ideal and easy to apply to both ceiling and walls. You can collections and wall display as you wish. Windows: Kitchen blinds, or ringtop curtains are both very acceptable choices. Both will have their own distinctive look and play a huge part in the overall end result. You can use plain or floral blinds and curtains which compliment your colour scheme and size of window. Lighting: Eclectic means that you don't have to have central floruescnt strip lighting or modern spot lights. In fact you should try and steer away from these and replace them with pendant lights, maybe at different suspension levels to show organised and deliberate choices. Accessories: This is where this interior design style is in its element. You can successfully include whatever accessories you like. Although this style allows you to have many different display items it's not the go-ahead to cram every possible place with useless clutter and junk. Try and group accessories by their type, for example vases or teapots as this will bring a certain amount of uniformity and connectedness to the room. Exciting eclectic kitchens are packed full of colour, textures and visual experiences. It's the perfect style for those you don't want to restricted by 'rules' and simply want to show their passion for all things they find beautiful.

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