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Italian inspired interiors and how to add the trend to your own home

You have done Swedish minimalism, and you’ve experimented with Chinese Feng Shui – now it’s time to look at the Italian approach to interiors. From fashion icons to timelessly tasteful architecture, for most of us we associate anything Italian-inspired with beauty and style. The beautiful blend of natural, earthy hues, ornamental details and opulent textures are all reasons as to why the Italian aesthetic makes for such a popular interior style. Whether you adore the cosy feel of Sicilian hideaways or the chic Mediterranean havens, you can achieve either with our pick of the best Italian interior design ideas. From quality craftsmanship to a healthy sprinkle of luxury, here are the Italian design secrets you should be using to up your interior game.

Layer in Luxury

Italian-inspired abodes are not only extravagant, but they are quite literally covered in luxury from floor to ceiling. Every intricate detail reigns supreme with its high-quality craftsmanship. In Old World Italian interiors, you will find Murano crystal chandeliers hanging from panelled ceilings, along with decorative painted murals on the walls. When it comes to floors, they are typically covered in glossy wood or marble as well as adorned with lavish rugs to infuse in the comfort element. Add in the Velvet curtain in white to complete the old-style opulent look.

If you prefer something a little more modern, clean-lined Italian style homes will be more suited to your taste. They have more minimalist features but still maintain indulgent design. It does this through gleaming lacquered kitchens, sculpturesque chandeliers wrapped in glass crystals and quality streamlined furniture. If you want to replicate either of these Italian styles, you must have a good eye for the finer things in life.

Merge Classic and Modern

One thing to remember – Italian interior design often isn’t too matchy-matchy. All you need to do is pull elements together from any era that you like to then create your own unique style. So, go ahead and commit to mixing different periods together – all within a single room. Think contemporary furniture pieces coupled with sophisticated cornices and a traditional-style chandelier. Trust us – the contrast will look magnificent.

Old-school art is another fantastic way of creating the combination of periods. Antique oil paintings make for a beautiful display, and they don’t need to be ridiculously expensive either – you can find beautiful pieces by lesser-known artists in antique shops.

Channel Elegant Stoneware

From marble to terra cotta, stoneware of all types is perfectly evocative of Italian style. Ancient Italian craftsmen used rustic stone to create beauty in the home. Italian style flooring will take your interiors to the next level – marble floor tiles in particular. The geometric designs, colour and ornamented artistry of these stone tiles is intricate, tasteful and a must-have in your home. Modern designs also take advantage of these gleaming stones to add glamour to their minimalist interiors. If you wish to add a hint of this design element, think about incorporating in stylish marble tiles in your home’s entryway. Or make your bathroom more extravagant by adding marble to the walls and floor.

Embrace Statement Furniture

Whilst minimalism has started to make its way into Italian interior design in recent times, there’s still plenty of room for a little bit of overindulgence. A statement chair is the perfect furnishing for welcoming splendour and originality into your home – essentially it acts as a sculpture but one that you can sit on. Think something along the lines of retro design that incorporates a contrasting mixture of brass and velvet.

By opting for eye-catching, plush upholstery, you will transform an otherwise subdued space into Renaissance-inspired glamour. Although, be careful not to go too full-on here. It’s all about softening the bling with accent touches of elegant fabrics. This could be anything from brass, marble or fine woods – take your pick!

Don’t Forget the Wine

We all know some of the best wine comes from Italy so it’s no wonder Italians love their wine. Therefore, your Italian inspired home would not be complete without a beautiful wine rack display in your kitchen or dining area. Whether you go for a wall hanging wine rack, floor-standing rack or counter-top display – they are all fantastic ways to show off your wine and help tie your Italian theme together. If you opt for a wall-hanging rack, go the extra mile, and outline it with a gorgeous artsy wall painting. For instance, this could be a painting of flowing vines with sweet, juicy grapes hanging from them.

Weave in Art Deco Pieces

Setting Italian décor pieces around a room will add even more Italian zest to the space. We recommend incorporating in the following:

  • Italian figurines
  • Beautiful Fidenza umbrella stand at your front door
  • Italian laced table runners
  • Painted Tuscany rooster utensil holder for your kitchen
  • Decorative jars and Italian designed decorative boxes

You can find such décor at vintage shops or online. Before you know it – you will have your own gorgeous Italian getaway in your home.

Focus on Un-plain Neutrals

If you’re trying to keep things modern in your home – use milder colours. Whilst it’s true Italian style emphasises deep wine shades and rich earth tones, if you want to channel Palazzo interior, pale creamy neutrals are most ideal. Such colours create an unmatched airy freshness within a space.

We recommend going for a neutral colour palette like greige, then add pops of colour with one piece of furniture or with some coloured accessories and accents. Look for pieces that incoporate bold jewel shades to create beautiful focal points that evoke modern, not mod – emerald green is particularly trendy right now. The Satin Roman blind in emerald will become the centre of attention in any neutral-based space.

Italian interior design remains exquisite – and rightly so. Whether you are a traditionalist or modernist, an Italian aesthetic can be yours regardless. The style’s use of high-quality furnishings, artistic stone and tile, and luxury remains popular for good reason. By combining our design tips and ideas, you will create unmatched elegance in your home that will never go out of style.

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