Interior Design Meets Fashion: Futuristic

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

If you're already a fan of modern interior design with its emphasis on open space, calm monochromatic colour palette and simplicity, why not take things a step further? We're not talking about taking the next step forward in terms of minimalism – there's no need to reduce your furnishings to a coffee table and a few mats for seating. What we're talking about here is taking a step forward into the future with interior design which draws from the modern era as well as taking a little inspiration from the future as envisioned by science fiction films and TV shows.

How far you take this idea is up to you and no one is suggesting that you overhaul your living room to make it replicate the bridge of the Enterprise. However, there are some very attractive design elements to be borrowed from these visions of the future – and you don't need to wait a century to give your own home a few futuristic touches. At least in terms of furnishing and other items for home décor, the future is already here!

Lighting and Window Treatments

If you're going for a futuristic look, natural materials are obviously out, perhaps with the exception of a well chosen accent piece or two. You may not expect to see wooden blinds in a futuristic home, although black curtains are likely to be a good fit.


The colour palette for this kind of interior design is much the same as for modern décor; monochromatic, for the most part, although muted colours are fine for furnishings and accent pieces. White is an obvious choice and is always a good fit for futuristic decorating schemes, but if you have small children or pets, you may not want to opt for white living room furniture. Furnishings with sleek curves will give any room a futuristic look and feel, as will steel and glass side tables and coffee tables. For a little colour, consider large rugs with abstract, but not distractingly colourful patterns.

Technology as Décor

One interesting possibility which futuristic interior design offers is being able to showcase, rather than hide some of your electronic gadgets. Many modern home electronics already have the right look for this type of décor, so let some of your more attractive pieces remain visible. Just make sure to choose wireless items for this or hide the wires well; we'd all like to hope that in the future, unattractive tangles of cables will be consigned to the history books.

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