Modern interior design styles for your home

2020 is the year where anything goes. Modern interior design has the power to transform, adapt, and combine influences that enrich style and function. The simplicity makes it eternally relevant. A contemporary aesthetic is not restricted to a particular style. With modern interior design comes endless choice and timeless trends. Whilst Scandinavian design comes out top for the interior trends of 2020, other big ones include farmhouse, rustic, vintage and bohemian. Dive in and gather some spectacular modern interior design ideas, to inspire your own home.


Neutral colours will always be up and coming when it comes to modern interior design. They can come in classic and tranquil tones. Neutrals do not have to be plain, they can be whites with cool or warm tinges. Warm neutrals have taken the design world by storm this year, pushing out cool neutrals. The power of neutral décor should not be undervalued either. They are brilliant options for furniture, in particular sofas and bedding.

Multifunctional spaces

2020 has become the year of remote working. This has made multifunctional spaces one of the most significant, interior design trends 2020 has seen. Open-plan homes have been popular for a long time now, which makes multifunctional rooms possible. A doubling up of space and functionality is most seen in the kitchen and dining room areas. Kitchens with islands can easily offer the best of both worlds. As, it can be converted into both a dining table and a workstation. This means you can cook, eat, socialise and work all at the same time!

Mixed metals

Metals are a classic within modern interior design. Furnishings in silver, gold, tin, and copper take this trend a step further. You may be thinking that metals can become overwhelming in a room. However, there are tips to stop this from happening. For example, when combining warm (brass, gold, copper) and cool coloured (aluminium, silver, stainless steel) metals, choose one leading colour and an accent one. Silver and brown metals also work well together, like iron and gold or bronze. Though, be careful not to mix more than three metals in one area. Otherwise, your setting could become too busy and overwhelming.

Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is here to stay! We are not talking about the loud, hippie aesthetic, but designs that pull from modern style and add that wow factor to any wall. Such wallpaper patterns can vary from size to design, suiting a range of décor. Florals add personality to a contemporary room. You can never go wrong with moody peonies, on a black backdrop in your dining room. Or alternatively, why not brighten your boho chic bedroom, with an array of wildflowers as an accent.

Earth tones

Earthy colours and textures imitate that of wood, metals, and foliage found in nature’s most basic components, are regularly used in the manufacturing of furniture and home decorations.

Tones like rich forest greens, taupe, and clay hues generate a natural appearance. This creates a zen-like atmosphere for all. Just grab your Meridian Filled Cushion in Emerald Moss and have a snooze, to unwind after a long, hard day.

Geometric patterns

Patterns are the way to go, if you want a little extra oomph, especially geometric patterns! They have been a major trend for many years now. Although, it is very easy to go overboard. So, make sure to find the right balance. You can still make a statement with bold and lively geometric patterns though. Why not opt for patterned curtains like our Eclipse Curtain Fabric Charcoal for an eye-catching vibe. Just stick to more classic or contemporary patterns when it comes to chairs and throws. With such patterns, being strategic is very important, so that you can create harmony in your room.

2020 has been the year of endless opportunities when it comes to modern interior design. From wild patterns, floral prints and blending metals, anything can look fantastic. With our help, you should have a rudimentary understanding of the fundamentals of modern interior design. Now, you will be able to build your own individual aesthetic that oozes contemporary trends!

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