Interior Design Ideas for Modern Homes - Living Rooms with a Touch of Chic

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
A modern style does not have to be all straight lines, glass and chrome. Go chic with your favourite items and still have a modern atmosphere that is pleasing and aesthetic. Try an unusual mixture of colours to form a brand new look; one that makes you wonder why you never tried it before. Colour Wheel Mixtures that Dazzle Brown and blue can make a captivating scene when used in the right tones. Get bold and paint your walls a medium chocolate brown. Alone, this bare room may make you cringe, seeing what you have just done, but the canvas has just been started. Think beige and light sky blue and watch as the transformation begins. Window Treatments Regardless of your window size, try and seize as much sunlight as possible. The sun's rays will magnify your blues against the darkened walls and highlight the colour. Ready made Roman blinds work perfectly for this type of purpose. Raise them high during the day and lower in the evening hours, allowing artificial light to take over. Keep your blinds light in colour, but once your room is finished, you may want to add a spot of design with decals that soothe. Hang wide tab top curtains, encasing a large part of the wall on both sides. Use a plain or striped light brown and beige colour to add depth to the room. Furniture that Flows Keep your couch and chairs square and low. Cover the exterior and seat pads with a light sky blue fabric. Modulars make a perfect way to use colour and be able to move around the room for guests. Use white or light wood tables to accent your furniture and stay away from curves. You will still have your sharp, defined lines for keeping a modern mood, but personal items will make the space very chic. Pillows, throws, coloured glass and favourite family prints, are a few ways to accessorise your new living room with a modern chic flair. Now, stand back and see that your chocolate brown walls have really enhanced the look and feel of a living room that needed a boost of modern charm. It will be a room where guests will feel comfortable, or you can cosy up with a favourite book. Modern with comfort, is what modern chic is all about.

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