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How to incorporate art deco into your home interiors

Art deco interior design incorporates an era popular in America and Europe, during the roaring ‘20s, all the way to the ‘30s. Not only was it embraced in homes, but also in fashion and car designs. Art deco encompasses modernism and machines, whilst also being deemed as tasteful and purposeful. If you want art deco style in your own home, you can be assured that your space will look embellished and lavish. A contemporary approach to this style can be an effective way, to establish a dynamic interior, with a dash of charm. If you are still not convinced, we have put together a selection of tips and tricks to honour art deco interior design. The epitome of sophistication, your home will be an opulent dream in no time!

  1. Focus on geometric patterns
    Art deco's most prominent feature is its focus on geometry. So, you can incorporate that into your home with any sort of geometric wallpaper, artwork, or furniture. Our Chevron Ready Made Eyelet Curtains add grace to any room, without overwhelming it. However, they do not have to be part of a wallpaper or fabric pattern. Instead, keep an eye out for furniture and decorations with black outlines, that create straight-edged shapes.
  2. Make it metallic
    Brass and copper are famous elements of art deco interior design, as well as new industrial materials. There are a lot of gorgeous fixtures and décor on the market, which utilise these timeless metallics. Not only that, but you can add metallic fabrics to the room using metallic curtains or blinds as well as cushions or bedding. Alternatively, you could try a glass and brass coffee table, or opt for metal light fittings, to bring this element in.
  3. Shiny elements are important
    Art deco was motivated by futurism and technology. So, machine-like components like metallic materials, took centre stage in the interior design world. Glass is an especially clever option for smaller spaces. It minimises the visual clutter in a room. Other common materials include gold, silver, stainless steel, and gloss. Mirrors incorporate this style component perfectly. Purchase one with a gold trim in geometric shapes for that striking aesthetic.
  4. Luxury lighting
    To honour art deco truly, a chandelier does the trick. Lighting is a fundamental feature when it comes to art deco interior design. A chandelier is a great way to make an opulent statement within your home. Whether you choose a vintage chandelier or one with a minimalist take on art deco, your space will look elegant nonetheless.
  5. Vibrants colours
    The art deco colour palette is normally very eye-catching. Monochromatic colours work well. However, there isn’t a strict colour rulebook. Contrasting shades work equally as well to accomplish an ebullient vision. Opt for deep, lively tones, like reds, greens, blues, or pinks. However, do not be afraid to select neutral colours, if bright colours are not your style. Black and white is a fantastic colour choice for art deco designs. The juxtaposition is refined and pays tribute to the sophistication that art deco embraces. Juxtaposing colours can be used across various elements of design – from curtains and blinds to scatter cushions dotted around the home.
  6. Lavish fabrics
    Opulent fabrics create an aesthetic of wealth and class. It was a way to add character as well as relaxation to a home. Now, you can accomplish this look without the huge expense! Just incorporate fabrics like velvet into your furnishings. Try our Crushed Velvet Bedding Set and your bedroom will be nothing short of magnificent. Pair this with velvet curtains for a lavish look.

Whichever element you choose to bring from art deco interior design, you are promised a remarkable style. Remember, make it as razor-sharp, sleek and minimalist, or as maximalist and flamboyant as you please. When it comes to art deco interior design, the sky is your limit!

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