How to get the downton abbey look in your home

The new series of Downton Abbey has us glued to the telly on a Sunday evening. We stare in awe at the grandeur of the place; admiring not only the vintage costumes but the furnishings and furniture. We're talking upstairs of course; downstairs life was lacking colour, everything plain bland and downright boring in comparison. If you love vintage and want to bring a the style of Downton into your humble abode we'll show you how. Think along the lines of the palace of Versailles to capture the grandeur and scale it down to fit the size of your home. Grand Living Reception Room With Traditional Rugs, Wooden Floor And Original Architrave Ceiling And Marble Fireplace


Full length curtains in a luxury fabric like velvet should be swept open and held in place with tassel tie-backs. Beautiful wooden floors are nearly entirely covered by large rugs. Don't forget a large impressive ceiling light – a chandelier would be ideal.

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White claw foot baths are a must; pastel shades or cream are perfect for wall colours. Four Poster Wooden Bed And Two Armchairs In A Light Blue Room

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The bedroom should be in pale hues with a statement bed, easy chairs and dressing table. Dark Walnut Traditional Writing Desk In A Manor House Library


If you have a spare room downstairs dedicate it to becoming a library. Every good home should have a fully stocked library! Wooden Dresser Barely Lit, With Some Light Illuminating Photo Frames On The Top

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Use Art Deco furnishings where you can. Simple additions like a grouping of family photographs can help achieve the look. Collage Of Three Different Chair Types

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Choose furniture which is in keeping with the 1920's era. Be as picky with you lighting choices as you must be with every other aspect with you want the Downton style to look authentic. Manor House Banquet With House Staff Preparing The Table


Always dine at the table and always use crisp white table linen, polished wine glasses and your finest cutlery. The inhabitants of Downton don't slum it in front of the telly (That's because they didn't have one!). White Wicker Chairs In A Small Garden, With White Birdcage Suspended Above


If you don't want your entire house looking like Downton you could always create a Downton corner in your garden.

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