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How to add a gothic interior design to your home

The typical concept of a Gothic home sends shivers down the spine of many people. However, Gothic interior designs don’t necessarily mean your home will resemble all things spooky and sinister. In fact, if you value old-style elegance and ornate elements – this style is the one for you. Now, Gothic design offers sophisticated, tasteful and beautiful characteristics to your interiors. To incorporate this lavish style into your home, we will take you through the best Gothic interior designs to transform your abode from ghostly to gorgeous. When done right, this misunderstood aesthetic will make your home a magnificent and welcoming space for all.

Go Majestic with Furniture

Gothic furniture was made of heavy, strong oak, and embellished with intricate period designs. Chairs, headboards and cabinetry were teamed with arches, legs with swirled turns and thick fabrics made up of dark, magnificent colours. If you are a lover of the Gothic style, consider retired pieces from an old church, for example pews, benches, altar chairs or trestle tables. Furniture from the Arts and Crafts era share similar designs and can be an appropriate alternative for your Gothic interior designs.

Dramatic and striking light fittings for instance chandeliers and sophisticated sconces add to the atmosphere. Here, you can also offset some of the darkness associated with the aesthetic by incorporating a couple more contemporary fittings. Take the boudoir for instance – you may use a contemporary bed but then couple it with Gothic lighting, chairs and tables. This way you will have the perfect balance between the Gothic style’s mysterious charm blended in with a little modernism.

Rich and Dramatic Shades

You may associate the Gothic aesthetic with the obvious colour choice – plenty of black hues. Whilst the colour black can be extremely on trend and stylish, we recommend avoiding excessive use of the shade black. You need to be careful here as too much can then turn your home into the stereotypical dark mansion. For this reason, it’s essential that you go for some rich, dramatic shades that feel at home within the Gothic aesthetic. You could use vivid, majestic colours such as emerald green, wine red and deep-sea blue. The Satin curtain in emerald may be the solution in tying together your Gothic wonderland. Keep the dark look balanced with more earthy tones from wood and brick materials.

Channel Luxury with Fabrics

Gothic interior designs would not be complete without opulent, high-end fabrics. Keep in mind the phrase “fit for a King or Queen” when selecting your furniture and fabrics. Therefore, it’s best to emphasise materials such as silk, velvet and satin. If your home is going to be adorned with Gothic elements – the general impression it should give off is glamour and decadence. Silk or velvet curtains will definitely make a big statement. The Velvet curtain in a peacock shade is the perfect ingredient for your Goth-inspired home. For an extra touch of drama, think about adding tassels or fringes for another layer of luxury. Satin is perfect for bedding and pillows – the fabric will make your bedroom nothing short of spectacular.

This style relies heavily on tapestries as they offer the vintage charm that comes with the Gothic aesthetic. Exceptionally large tapestries create the best Gothic effect, but you will also need to have tall walls, so this may not be an ideal choice for smaller homes.

Go Accessory Crazy

Accessories are the finishing touches that will bring together the shapes, colours and textures you have incorporated into your interiors. With the proper use of seemingly insignificant elements, you can transform any room into a Gothic paradise that would fit in at Buckingham Palace. Gothic accessories should arouse a sense of extravagance and beauty. A large chandelier should do the trick as a centrepiece, and don’t be afraid to get one that sinks a few meters into the centre of the room.

Go for pieces of dark wood, wrought iron, stone and metal. For your end tables, utilise decorative porcelain and bronze ceramics so the corners of your room won’t look so desolate. You can also make us of sconces and lamps that are either porcelain or wrought iron to accent your richly coloured walls.

Complete Gothic interior designs by adding a painting or two. Gothic paintings generally portray angels, saints and events from the Bible. However, if you are not a fan of religious themes, you can settle for portraits and landscapes – floral themed ones in particular are perfect.

Monochrome Boudoir

Black on its own can be a little overwhelming but black and white together adds a sense of mysticism in the bedroom. If both colours are used for bedding, flooring and the walls, they can make the space look stylish. Use black as the main accent shade, with a contrasting colour such as white to soften it. A dramatic black will mix stunningly with white tile flooring. Although, there isn’t a rule saying you just must stick to these two shades in order to establish a dramatic feel. Consider other contrasting tones for even more depth. For example, dark purple with blue, or grey and green, as these colour combinations work effortlessly in a contemporary Gothic bedroom.

Sprinkle in Gold

Gothic interior designs would not be complete without a mirror. If you already have a gold-framed dresser in the bedroom, or other glittery accents in the living room, couple them with a large gold-framed mirror. Utilising shimmering materials in a Gothic home will make the space look lively and magnificent. You can also incoporate in accessories on top of the dresser, for example a gold display clock and a smaller gold-framed mirror. Gothic style doesn’t have to mean black all around!

With the Gothic aesthetic – there are so many different styles and pieces that can be put together to complete the look. Think about how intense you want it to come across. If you are feeling daring, add all the dramatic elements discussed such as fabric, textures, rich colours and the striking architecture. However, if the Gothic style is a little too much for you, just use a few elements from this style to accent your interiors. Dramatic draperies or an intricately sculpted dark wood table should do the trick. Just a few small touches of Gothic décor will still add sensuality to your home. The world is your oyster – you can either go all the way or opt for a more an understated approach. Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be a knock-out, fashionable Gothic-inspired home.

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