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How to add a french interior design to your home

The French are known for a few things – chocolate croissants, their unrivalled fashion and exemplary taste. Therefore, it is no surprise that French interior design is one of the most sought-after styles. Taking elements from styles like Baroque, Rococo, and Empire, it establishes the glam of the old, and minimalism of the new. Rome was not built in a day and neither are Parisian interiors. The French take their time when it comes to designing their home. This is why the style is always so beautifully refined. If you want to transform your abode into a Parisian paradise, we know all the tricks of the trade to inspire you.

Colour matters

Part of the minimalism of French interior design comes from the colour palette. We recommend going for crisp whites as the dominant shade. Pairing it with pretty pastels like blue and pink creates a stunning aesthetic like no other. Although this design is mostly associated with lighter hues, dark can be chic too. If you are a lover of darker designs, use a pop of colour through artwork or furniture, to energise a room. One of the most popular Parisian shades is red, as it complements darker hues beautifully.

If you want to create something a little more luxurious, gold is a classic, French interior colour. You can either go gold-crazy to imitate 17th century Baroque style. Or, if you want modernism, incorporate the shade more sparsely through light fixtures or mirrors.

Do not be afraid to mix old and new

Parisian interiors are often unique and eclectic. They showcase furniture and décor from a wide range of eras and styles. Remember though – stay away from anything too themed, like provincial or character furniture. As, this is your time to be bold and free. There is no room for rigidness, so mix it up!

To master this aesthetic, juxtapose vintage treasures with contemporary pieces. It is important to keep the look unified rather than chaotic. You can do this by repeating a couple of key colours throughout the room. This will help to connect the various elements. So, if you fancy pairing modern window dressings with an 18th-century dresser – go for it! French interior design is all about utilising the dynamics from different periods and styles.

Pretty patterns

When browsing patterns for your French bliss, embrace the outdoors. Floral upholstery plays a big role within this aesthetic. The best part is that it can be incorporated into anything, whether it be the sofa or window dressings. Our Sofia readymade curtains will add shabby-chic vibes to your room, notable within French interior design. If stripes are your thing, red and blue ones are used a lot in this style. They work best in the kitchen, to accentuate visual depth.

French furniture

There really is no need to be rushing out, to buy brand new sofas, or tables with gleaming finishes. These pieces will stick out like a sore thumb – trust us! French interior design leads a more weathered aesthetic. A look which embodies wear and tear passed down through generations. This does not mean you have to have an old-fashioned leather couch from your ancestors’ time. It just means you must browse and shop for the most suitable things. Perhaps a charming chaise lounge, a pink piped stool, or a marble coffee table? Though, if want a French-country inspired look, consider natural materials like wood and stone. Just make sure they agree with the warm colour scheme and you are good to go! For those who are feeling a little daring, why not combine timber and metals? This way you can bring in old and new Parisian at the same time!

Decorate to your heart’s desire

When it comes to Parisian décor, there really are no limits! French interior design is known for its abundance of accessories. However, each piece also has a functional use – pretty and practical! So, if you want to throw in a fancy sculptural piece, go ahead! Pair it with a striking gilded mirror, or a unique light fixture like a translucent alabaster. We guarantee this will be Paris-chic! If you are a lover of art – this is your time. A Parisian home is not complete without artwork, particularly abstract art.

Embrace window dressings

French interior design encourages you to welcome as many curtains and blinds as possible. Long drapes in red velvet, delicate blues or stone shades make for picture-perfect window dressings. The Harper readymade curtains do just that! Its stunning stone shade definitely channels the elegance of everything French! With window dressings, it is all about highlighting the structure of your home. Even if said room is a plain square space, curtains can spice it up instantly! If you want to mirror the classiness of a Parisian apartment, blinds in duck-egg blues or ivory are the way forward. The Riviera roller blind is a gorgeous addition, if you want your boudoir to echo Parisian beauty.

The best thing about French interior design is that it follows your needs, not the other way round. Along with its eclectic style making it versatile, you can add and remove anything dependent on your personal taste. With our design tips and tricks, within no time, your humble abode will have that Parisian je ne sais quoi.

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